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test please delete

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    Lentil soup for lunch today.
    {emotionless greeting}

    Three Word Slogan


      I seem to remember A Few Good Men being very good in a stern and earnest kind of way

      Not seen Cocktail




          1 set of code written - now I just need to connect it to the backend where the real work will occur.
          merely at clientco for the entertainment


            On that COVID-19 reporting app on iPhone, when you get to the end of the daily reporting process there's a "Back to Home Screen" button but when you tap it, it navigates forward - i.e. the end screen slides off to the left as the home screen slides in from the right. It should be the other way round, as you're going back; well, I thought so.

            Anyway, since I noticed this it's been nagging at me that it seems wrong, but I wondered if maybe Apple had changed something in their UI behaviour as I haven't written an app like that in a few years. So I just wrote an app that allows you to tap stuff to navigate forward through two screens and, on the last one, a button uses the correct method for navigating all the way back, and it behaves as I thought it ought to. So they're wrong and I'm right

            Of course their app actually does something useful and important for society as a whole rather than just demonstrating a rather petty niggle; but still


              Thought it had gone a bit dark outside. Turns out it's teeming down

              In here, the trousers I washed yesterday were taking too long to dry properly in the kitchen so I've moved the clotheshorse into the living room and put the fire on


                Still sunny.

                However, at 4pm there is a 60% chance of rain.
                "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


                  dodged the showers today.
                  work started to get political.
                  i don't do politics.
                  i do engineering.
                  i've told them this.
                  they may be finding it hard to digest.
                  might get an early bath.
                  do i GAFF?
                  i'll give you one guess.


                    Oh good #1: not been keeping enough of an eye on the pears: several have passed the nanosecond of "ripe" & headed off quickly to the state known as "rotten".

                    Those proving even slightly recoverable have been stewed.

                    Oh good #2: for the sake of doing something on this wet, cold, & miserable afternoon, went down the sheds & garages to inspect said sheds & garages, only to find that Strangelove Pater's shed roof (as refelted by me about 10 years ago) has sprung a leak, with nice drips descending over stuff.

                    Quite a lot of water has come in, which is a pain.

                    Having inspected the roof, it looks as if the felt has decayed even more than the previous layer had.

                    Ho very hum.

                    It's not my shed any more so dunno what to do next.

                    I've covered stuff therein with binbags so at least the water runs off, like.

                    It's verging on a state of collapse, which is why I haven't extracted the work bench, this being the only thing that's keeping one side of it vertical.

                    I need to get my brick shed(s) built pronto.
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Big shower just went through.

                      Blue skis kinda returned
                      {emotionless greeting}

                      Three Word Slogan