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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
    When I checked the forecast this morning it was going to be cloudy but 19 degrees tomorrow and then a drop down to 9 degrees on Sunday
    Ah, BBC weather forecasters just trying to spread panic again. They should go back to using the Met Office


      The bin situation has been addressed. Both kinds of bin had been done, but our recycling one had been left unemptied as somebody’s using black (or dark grey) binbags again

      So I got us one of the older orange ones, which will have to do for now. I might transfer the offending contents of the other one to one of the general waste bins, but not until next week, so none of the neighbours think of taking it in

      And whoever put the bin out yesterday had also put out two of the four general waste bins. This is unusual, as normally the landlord transfers the contents of those to the neighbour’s bins midweek, to save having to do any trundling. (If trundling can’t be avoided, he swaps ours for empty ones belonging to other houses.)

      Maybe he missed this week and whoever put the orange one out decided to go for it, leaving us two bins down. Anyway, I managed to find two with our number on (one left outside by the binfolk, one inside; though I wouldn’t be surprised if we hadn’t had the right numbers in the first place anyway) and brought them both in.

      So we now have a full complement of empty bins, despite the alleged Bank Holiday, and can rest easy in our beds


        Lawns mown and hedges cut.

        Nearly dead now.

        Send flowers.


        I've forgotten to close the greenhouse door.

        And the dermatitis seems to have taken off again.

        Ho hum.

        And now the wireless is waffling on about the fecking hobbit.
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        When the fun stops, STOP.


          hobbitses, nasssty hobbitses.
          sssteal things they do.
          preciousssss thingses they sssteal


            ^^^I've managed to avoid anything to do with hobbits or Lord of the Rings.

            Tea: M&S Tesco chunky cod, orange segments and custard, random yogurt well after its BBE, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            The Tesco chunky cod is half the price of the M&S version and approximately half the size. .

            Nice enough as it transpired.

            Even managed to remember to eat the fried spud slices.

            Entertainment: TBD but I suspect more Civilisation E6 and Up Pompeii S II E II will be in there somewhere.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              I got a Sainsbury’s delivery slot!

              Monday coming, 9-10pm, 50p charge. I’ll take that


                Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                I got a Sainsbury’s delivery slot!

                Monday coming, 9-10pm, 50p charge. I’ll take that
                you are a star, sir!
                muchas gracias, amigo.
                I, too, have a Monday delivery booked.
                mostly beer, cider and rum for now, 'cos it's much cheaper than the suppliers i've been forced to use since sainsburies fecked me off 6 weeks ago.
                but i have the weekend to 'ave a fink, loik, guv


                  somebody just accused me of drinking Glenmorangie out of the wrong type glass <i use a hand engraved crystal short brandy glass, a gift from my daughter some years ago>

                  i replied that i'd drink it from a feckin' army mess tin if that was all that was handy.

                  some people are so far up their own arses, they need a glass bellybutton <like a fair few pompous gits on other threads here>

                  dear, oh dear

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                    Uneventful day today. As most days are.

                    Wandered up to M&S which had less in it than I was after and more people than I was comfortable with. We were hoping they'd have a good stock of cocktail drinks ingredients (which they normally do).

                    HWMBO went to Morrisons and said the queue was quite long and that store too was reasonably busy.

                    Something tells me the people will ease themselves out of lockdown and to hell with what the government says.
                    Doing a stroll around Windsor on 11 Sept for Alzheimer's Society. You can chuck me a few quid here if you like: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lmallen-1


                      Sainsbury’s order has been built and submitted - they would have taken it away had I not checked out by 7:45pm today. Maybe that’s how some unfortunate soul lost it in the first place

                      It’s a good job I scrolled down and found it. I noticed they said they were releasing some delivery slots for non-extremely-vulnerable types, so I thought I’d have a look. Barren was the grid of weekly slots but then I found that one, the only slot left in the entire week coming, right near the bottom of the grid

                      Fair amount of wine and beer on the order, TBH. I marked those as “no substitutions” as they’re all ones I particularly like and I have enough in reserve if for some reason they’re short of one or other of them

                      And, in fact, I’ve reverted to not drinking much if at all during the week. My most recent drop of booze was last Saturday, and I’m still hemming and hawing over whether to have any tonight. Probably will though