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    The recycling bin was full to overflowing (with stuff in an opaque grey binliner that won’t get taken) this afternoon, so I trundled it out then

    Tea has been toad in the hole, with onion gravy and a few chips. Not at all bad, though I think I need to tweak the batter recipe a bit, and get the tray slightly hotter next time then turn it down. But very tasty

    The sausages were proclaimed by M&S to be their best ever pork sausage, and they’re very nice as sausages go. But they do that thing of being four big ones when you think there are eight normal-sized ones. This messed up my portions a bit, as the original idea was to have two portions of three sausages and one of two, the last of these for lunch some time; but instead I had to have a four-sausage-equivalent portion, which proved somewhat overwhelming.

    I spent around forty-five minutes sautéing (is that the word when it takes so long, on a low heat?) the onions for the gravy, which was well worth the time; lovely flavour it had in the end

    Standing over or near the stove for so long hasn’t done my back much good, mind. A reminder of how wretchedly out of shape I am


      Two bad backs on the same day?

      Must be a disease going around.

      You have much more patience that I, the onions for the onion gravy in last Saturday's liver & bacon went a nice shade of black in parts before I turned the ring down a bit (well a lot really).

      That's Mad Max done & dusted, with proper Oz dialogue rather than the Septic dubbed one.

      When I saw it back in 1979 I couldn't figure out where it was made since they were driving on the left with Septic accents.

      The credits gave it away, there being no imdb to look it up on in 1979.

      Still FFed through some bits I don't like.

      Originally posted by Scruff View Post
      My Parrot has flown past my ear.
      Don't mention parrots, you don't know what you might raise.
      Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 19 March 2020, 22:46.
      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Watched The Repair Shop and two episodes of Marvel's Agents of Shield.


          Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
          Two bad backs on the same day?

          Must be a disease going around.
          Indeed - either itis or itis.

          Tonight’s viewing has been S3E2 of Forbrydelsen. Things aren’t looking good for the Zeuthen (thinly-disguised Maersk) family

          Lurgy is generally better today (back notwithstanding); the afternoon-evening slump was minimal. Not quite out of the woods yet I suspect, but definitely getting there now

          Goodnight all


            Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
            Not yet. Thank you for the reminder
            We don't want you waking up hungover then running out early with the bins before getting dressed.

            People have enough to worry about....


              MrsBP off to shops in a minute. Probably only tins of mushy peas left.....


                I see devops were doing "minor maintenance" on sandbox db last night. And now everything is broken......


                  And baby bp watching super nanny. He keeps telling the parents what they ought to do. Can't wait for him to have kids and find out the reality....


                    Morning all
                    I slept well last night.
                    {emotionless greeting}

                    Three Word Slogan