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New Forum Bug Reports

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    Originally posted by Halo Jones View Post
    Well generally the layout is fine

    my only comment would be the “go to next unread post” is not working, seems to take me to post 1 on all the topics
    Same here. I thought it might only be for threads that I hadn't visited since the old version - which would make sense - but I posted on a new thread today and got the same behaviour. Could this be a need to clear all cookies/cache for the site?
    Originally posted by MaryPoppins
    I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
    Originally posted by vetran
    Urine is quite nourishing


      Notifications don't clear when read
      Wasted "white space" on forums
      No option (that I can find) to change to a more compact view
      Like / Thanks buttons are too verbose - no more little click buttons
      Tapatalk doesn't work anymore!
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        Image inserting defaults to upload and store here, you have to untick every time. I suspect you don't want to upload all the pictures for copyright and space issues.

        The link going to the first page is driving me (more) batty.

        Is there a compact version if not will have to switch to a 65" screen to enjoy cuk.
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          Just discovered that the swear filter isn't on and tulip doesn't come out looking like tulips any more.


            Originally posted by d000hg View Post

            Same here. I thought it might only be for threads that I hadn't visited since the old version - which would make sense - but I posted on a new thread today and got the same behaviour. Could this be a need to clear all cookies/cache for the site?
            I'm working on the "last unread" link now, but it's a bit more complicated than cookies or caches, as usual

            A brief summary: on the old forum, URLs were modified by a third-party plugin to make them look nicer than the ones vBulletin generated by default; hence URLs like /142585-new-forum-bug-reports.html rather than /showthread.php?t=142585. However, the third party hasn't upgraded their product for this version of vBulletin.

            Furthermore, vBulletin have, in this version, implemented a different and incompatible URL scheme. While closer to what CUK was using, it's still lacking in a number of ways, and it would also result in all the URLs that Google and other search engines know about vanishing. Suddenly making every known page on the site return 404 is not good SEO and would make the site effectively vanish from search engines until such time as it was reindexed. Furthermore, all internal links in posts, such as where somebody has helpfully said "There's a thread about that at <link>", would become useless. So it was felt to be very important that the existing URLs continue to work.

            Now, you might be thinking "How hard can it be to generate a link", which is pretty much what I thought until I encountered the system they've come up with. It is complex and, IMHO, massively over-engineered, at least partly because it conflates multiple responsibilities into an extensive class hierarchy. But that's what is there, and because it handles so many varying responsibilities, it's not possible to just swap something else in. So I had to create a number of extensions to handle the CUK URLs.

            One problem with an overcomplicated API is that it tends to result in a number of ways in which the same thing can be accomplished, and different people working on different aspects of the product will find and use all of them. This makes things very fragile. And it turns out that in this case of generating a link to the most recent post in a thread, they've found at least two different ways of doing it.

            One of them is used on the Forums home page, and lets you get to the most recent post in that entire forum. If you try that, you'll find it works. The other way is used on the home pages of the individual forums, and as you all now know, it doesn't work with my extensions. I somehow missed this in testing, which just reflects the fact that the way someone uses a product in development tends not to be the same as the way it's used in reality.

            So right now I'm going through the multiple layers of this stuff ensuring that I've found a reliable way of using the technique from the home page on the forums pages. I expect to have this done in the next hour or so, and will deploy it as soon as I've confirmed it will work.

            Once that's done, I'll see about restoring the thread pagination that used to appear on each thread on the forum pages, though this will take a little longer as there's a bit more to that than you might expect, too.

            So my apologies for the broken links; rest assured, I'm getting it fixed as fast as I can, but I don't want to risk deploying a quick fix which ends up breaking something else if I can avoid it.

            With a bit of luck, once that's done and I've got the Monday Links sorted out, I might even have time for lunch
            Last edited by NickFitz; 22 February 2021, 12:34.


              Error Saving Click: Invalid node id specified.
              Admin is invalid!

              Fill yer boots!

              Even better than that, his post has disappeared.
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                OK, last post links should be working now


                  Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

                  Admin is invalid!

                  Fill yer boots!
                  Yes, I accidentally posted about the first post links being fixed while logged in as admin, which was needed temporarily to let me update the template with the fix. Might have known somebody would spot it


                    Still having issues with user profiles including my own

                    merely at clientco for the entertainment


                      Private messages don't appear to have been migrated (or aren't showing). This makes me glum.