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WiFi Extender

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    WiFi Extender

    For those looking for one.


    Mine's a Huwaei (cost more than that darn it!) but these extenders are brilliant gadgets.

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      Same price but branded on Amazon:

      Medion is ok but no after sales support. I still have a Medion TV bought at Aldi in Germany 4 years ago which I can't use because it only works with its own remote, which is nowhere to find.
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        Originally posted by petergriffin View Post
        Different functionality, the one you have linked to is simply a range extender, it connects using WiFi to an existing wireless network and retransmits the signal. They're all right for maybe getting a signal in a black spot in a house, but you will still have a degraded connection.

        The Aldi device acts as a range extender or can be configured as a wireless router (taking a wired connection and then creating a Wireless network). The equivalent TP-Link device is


        I've got one of these, my house is flood wired with cat 6 and it allows me to create a wireless N hotspot in my bedroom so that my iPad can connect to it; wired connection from wall to device -> create hotspot. I can then transcode my Plex media library at full HD spec when watching movies in bed.

        I am hitting ~ 90 Mbps from that hotspot (on my LAN), if I connect to my home router (1 floor up, other side of house) then I'm hitting between 15 - 20 Mbps.

        The other thing it can do is create a hotspot using a hotel's wired internet connection. Always handy.
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          Bought one of these on Monday at Argos Buy TP Link 300MBPS Wall Plug Extender at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Wireless networking accessories. they were £20 but they've gone back up, though I'm sure Amazon will still have it for £20
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            I bought a Billion one as it matches my router. No complaints so far.


            I have to say it's miles better than the powerline things I was using previously and they gave up after a couple of months as well. Apparently quite a common problem with them.
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              I went for HomePlug (mains networking) in the end - several of their plugs broadcast WiFi networks as well as having ethernet so they meet all needs in our house.

              I even can select which WiFi network to connect to on my iPad, to control whether US or UK netflix is accessed.
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                Originally posted by d000hg View Post
                I went for HomePlug (mains networking) in the end
                After peeing about with WiFi extenders, I did the same too! Opted for some TP-link "Up to 500mbit" powerlines which operate at around 280mbit...good enough for the Xbox and Windows Media Centre (Center).
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                  Originally posted by d000hg View Post
                  I even can select which WiFi network to connect to on my iPad, to control whether US or UK netflix is accessed.
                  ok, now that IS cool !


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