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Xmas do - Friday 10 December, London

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    In the diary - assuming Mrs V doesn't double book me.

    Mrs V is staying home to look after Miss V3 so Whorty is safe.

    Would offer a sofa but the bedrooms are being carpeted that weekend so the sofa is going to be buried under lots of bedroom furniture.

    Oh and LM TFO !
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      Originally posted by Whorty View Post
      Slow on the uptake .. only just seen this!

      I'm a big maybe, just need to find a cheap hotel for the night, or a mate who doesn't mind me vomming all over their sofa at 2 in the morning.

      Never met any of you guys in real life ..... I promise I'll behave so anyone who wants to bring along their wives/partners, they are safe
      There's a couple of Travelodges nearby


        Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

        There's a couple of Travelodges nearby
        I have a mate who might want to tag along too, so seeing if he's around and I can doss at his gaff. Else yes, will be a travelodge/premier inn type bed for the night

        TFO LM
        I am what I drink, and I'm a bitter man


          The nearest Premier Inn is at Smithfield (though they call it Farringdon) opposite Barts hospital, about ten minutes away on foot. Handy for Postman's Park too, should one wish to have a dekko at the memorial plaques there

          Looks like the Woodins Shades is no longer an option for continuing the evening after the pub closes - it's currently showing its Friday night closing time as 11pm, rather than the 2am of old
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            There's the Alchemist Bevis Marks or London Cocktail Club which are both open to 2am

            Soda Room at Broadgate Circle is supposed to be open late.

            EDIT: but what we really need is breakfast on Saturday morning!
            Last edited by ladymuck; 30 October 2021, 18:43.


              Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
              EDIT: but what we really need is breakfast on Saturday morning!
              Indeed! I was quite looking forward to having a Premier Inn breakfast buffet for the first time in a few years, but if anybody knows a good greasy spoon within striking distance, I'd be up for that


                I have provisionally booked the Premier Inn with breakfast but will keep an eye out for proper caffs in the area and be open to suggestions (as I don't know what the greasy spoon offering is like round there).


                  PI booked.


                    Originally posted by Pondlife View Post
                    PI booked.
                    Who are you investigating?


                      Booked the Farringdon/Smithfield PI, including breakfast (though that can be changed should an alternative venue be found in advance)

                      The nearest decent breakfast café that I know of is about fifteen minutes' walk away off Holborn - in fact, there's two, opposite each other on Red Lion Street. But I strongly suspect walking such a distance might not be first choice on the morning after the night before

                      EDIT: and train ticket booked too
                      Last edited by NickFitz; 1 November 2021, 17:20.