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    Simple lunch of a couple of rounds of buttered wholemeal toast

    My Mum seems to be coming round to the Christmas-at-Easter idea. This was helped along by the fact that my nieces alternate grandparents each year, and this year they're due to come to us; but that means one more household. So that means, even if my sister and her husband plus my parents count as a bubble and therefore one household (which is dubious as they've also been going to support his parents), we end up with five households: them + my parents, his parents, brother, nieces, and me. And five into three don't go

    To add to the confusion, there's the possibility of my parents having to isolate if my Mum gets her eye surgery before Christmas. And my brother's wife works with mentally handicapped kids and has already had to isolate once when one of them was infected, which would take out two households. And neither of my nieces has a car any more, and they probably wouldn't want to come by public transport. That might put me in the danger zone: s+h, h's parents, and me.

    If there seems to be any wavering, I might introduce the fact that getting "mild" covid is still enough to lay most people out for a month or more. And whereas they're all retired, or furloughed or whatever, I have virtually no options if I get ill. (This means having to explain what it means to operate your own limited company for the umpteenth time; maybe they'll finally grasp it this time.) So if the worst comes to the worst, I'll just tell them I'm refusing to attend any such gathering until I've been vaccinated, as the non-medical consequences to me are too much even if I get a mild case.

    But I think my Mum's just about getting to the Acceptance phase, so I'll hold that card back for now. Once she's convinced, everybody else knows she'll get her own way in the end and will also accept it; resistance is futile


      Only HWMBO has twigged (because I foolishly let it slip) that I'm on my own for Christmas Day. He automatically invited me up...

      I'm very much hoping no-one else spots it and tries to get me to engage in something sociable.


        Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
        Just hearing a tube driver talk about a lady who jumped in front of him, he looked at her at the last moment, their eyes met and she smiled before the train hit her.

        Not surprisingly he has mental health problems

        Oh he's one of the guys who writes the weird messages on those boards at tube stations.
        My brother was found by an fellow paratrooper major. He had seen many dead people - some desperate to survive, some contented. My brother was contented.


          Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
          He's very well, thanking you kindly for asking. He's here, filling my freezer.

          How's SWMBO?
          Since she gave up drinking in Feb following a black out and waking up on the floor with back pain, much better!

          She needs to do more exercise. Her sister runs the biggest hotel in Llandudno. It has a pool so they sometimes swim together. But the heater is broken at the moment.


            Originally posted by WTFH View Post
            Big walk duly completed. 9km, 10,500 steps. Went to one of my old locals, now permanently closed, just to see it.
            Good news. Bad news.


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              Morning Scourer!
              Ive been loving the Monday Links....


                Originally posted by WTFH View Post
                Welcome back! Did you come on your bike?
                Hardly cycled since Feb. I tried the other day. My knee is too painful to mount a bike.

                My accident on election day last year led to hip issues. That led to knee issues. I need a hip and knee replacement. The question is which will be done first. I will find out 1 week today!

                Rest assured, if I was cycling, my lights would be daylight powered and pointing slightly upwards....


                  I wanted the century reall. Oh well, I must do some w*rk.

                  Laters peeps!


                    Originally posted by BrilloPad View Post
                    Ive been loving the Monday Links....
                    Happy to hear it


                      Someone seems to have concreted in the man hole cover in my patio. Investigations into intermittent blockages is currently pending much chiseling.