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    Busy in the hairdresser. They have spaced out the chairs so they can get fewer people in but are working longer days and have faster turnover.

    All the staff are wearing masks, no teas or coffees available but they will give a bottle of water if you need one.

    I brought my own coffee as I had heard refreshments can't be offered. Very annoyed that I didn't quite put the lid on properly and half of it ended up in my handbag.


      Morning denizens

      Sunny out, and already 17°C


        Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
        I brought my own coffee as I had heard refreshments can't be offered. Very annoyed that I didn't quite put the lid on properly and half of it ended up in my handbag.
        So annoying when you tip the bag up to pour the last dregs into your mouth, and all kinds of junk falls out on to your face


          I was wrong about the higher customer throughput. As I was waiting to pay, the owner was fielding a call from a customer wanting to know the measures in place. They have extended all appointments to give them plenty of time to work and to allow for cleaning in between clients.

          I had assumed they would be trying to get more people in as their capacity was lower. Instead they're open for longer each day to accommodate demand.


            It's warmed up to 18.7 deg in here now, whilst the barometer is now reading 1016mBar (DDR).

            Very warm whilst painting the porch again, but the 2nd coat looks a good deal better than the first, probably down to using a brush rather than the block brush I used for the first coat.

            Knackered now & it was very hot in the sun while I was adoing of it. :

            Clouded over now, of course.


            And with that, the battery on the Asus Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finally died.
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            When the fun stops, STOP.


              I was pleased to see the pub up the road, that does a fine selection of gins and tapas, has survived. The owner was just setting up for the day as I came past so we had a quick chat. She was in two minds over whether to open last week but has decided to give it a go as she needs to earn a living.

              Interestingly she said that if it wasn't for the swift government help, she could have gone under. Business rates have been stopped for a year (written off, not save now, pay later), a 25k grant towards costs, and the furlough scheme have meant she's been able to stay afloat. She said the UK government has done a brilliant job of supporting businesses, and much better than Spain (where she is from).

              The brewery also helped by refunding for beer stock that couldn't be used and reducing her rent.

              I have resolved to pop in when HWMBO gets here.


                Exercise bicycling done, green ring closed

                Up to 17°C outside now, 21° within


                  Radiator ordered for bathroom.
                  Sample floor tiles purchased
                  £300 spent on Earthborn paint.
                  …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                    Tequilla is a bad idea.

                    "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.


                      There seems to have been a minor RTC outside. Been a while since we had one of those