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Things about to get very serious and much more real? / Felicitas Letters

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    Anyway get the second letter (check in your junk)

    "Please note that our letter to you yesterday, headed "Felicitas in Court", gave the wrong date for the court hearing mentioned. The case was insolvency number 0017 of 2020 at the County Court in Doncaster and the hearing took place on Wednesday 27th January 2021. We also wish to clarify that the hearing in question ordered another debtor to pay our costs and not you. We apologise for any confusion caused.

    Yours sincerely
    Felicitas Solutions Limited

    sorry should have read the complete thread.. someone already posted
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      I for one am very glad i got that apology.....werent you?


        Originally posted by eek View Post
        I think the other thing to add is that Felicitas don't seem to be the petitioner in this case as if they were the ones petitioning for bankruptcy the court would have known about them.

        Which means they are riding on the coat tails of this sad story and using it to imply far more than is actually the case.

        So we are back to where we were this morning.

        Thank Felicitas for the email saying that they've sent statuary demands

        State that you haven't received it and ask what address they sent it to
        And dispute that any money is owed.

        The case they are (ab)using, has nothing to do with Felicitas beyond the additional stress they've added to the person going bankrupt.
        Has anyone written back to Felicitas with regards to this email? If so could we use it as a template?


          i think the best thing right now is to not engage?


            Originally posted by GotScrewed View Post
            i think the best thing right now is to not engage?
            Sadly not. Statutory Demands are vicious things and you don't want one of them lying in wait for you.

            Now (thanks to the email from yesterday) that you know they've sent one to you, you do need to dispute the fact you owe them money.

            Which isn't difficult as I've said a few times now

            Thank you for your email which seems to imply that you have sent me a Statutory Demand regarding a debt you seem to believe I owe you. Please could you tell me which address you sent it to as I have never received it...

            As for your demand for money as far as I am aware I do not and have never owed Felicitas ... any money. Please accept this email as formal notification that I dispute that I owe you any money.

            Can you please confirm via email that you have received this email and acknowledge receipt of the fact that the debt you claim to exist is disputed and confirm that you have withdrawn the statutory demand.
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            merely at clientco for the entertainment


              is that how you have left it eek? (sorry i cant recall if you are affected by this or not)


                Conversation paused please whilst we investigate some of the claims.

                Its is important to ensure only accurate information is published on this forum so we are seeing how we can substantiate the claims or not.

                And to find out and clarify re the court case @ Doncaster. It is important that anything to date on this thread regarding the "Doncaster case" should be disregarded until we can come back with further information which we are trying to source on your behalf to avoid any incorrect information. And so any individual decisions are based on correct detail.

                Bear with us.
                Thank You.
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                  Felicitas Emails

                  Just to confirm from our understanding based on feedback from the court supplied by other forum users and as called out earlier on this thread.....

                  In January there was a case in court for an insolvency case/filing for bankruptcy.
                  One of the creditors mentioned is Felicitas amongst many others. This person has been at court many times.
                  Nothing to do specifically with this statutory demands - a case of bankruptcy.
                  Perhaps this person was involved with the loans and declared all of their respective debts including this one.
                  The hearing followed the debtor’s failure to respond to any of the letters sent to him, including a statutory demand on him.
                  The judge ordered the debtor to pay Felicitas’ costs of £XXX. Next hearing regarding this individual case is on the 29th March.

                  Therefore our understanding is that Felicitas were in court as claimed, but this wasn't a case focussed on the loan payback specifically.

                  We have asked if the company involved would like to comment to clarify anything and welcome their right to reply.

                  Whilst this is emotive and everyone will have an opinion please ensure as Cojak has said before:
                  - Do NOT publish any personal details
                  - Do NOT use inappropriate language
                  - Do NOT refer to your personal thoughts on this topic that are accusational etc.

                  Keep the conversations factual and engaging. PLEASE.

                  We want to keep these threads open to help inform other users and so people can discuss the issues/options and not have to close / delete the threads.

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                    Thanks very much as well to Cojak for monitoring and eek for helping on these threads.


                      Originally posted by Contractor UK View Post
                      Thanks very much as well to Cojak for monitoring and eek for helping on these threads.
                      I am not sure if the information is public or not. Is it possible to find out if the debtor was ordered to pay costs just to the subject company here? Or to others too? Were the costs awarded against the debtor with respect to a statutory demand as talked about here or for something else? I am just wondering how much actual, real life read across there is to those here affected by loans claimed by the subject company. Thanks.
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