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    Originally posted by DealorNoDeal View Post
    Folks won't desert the space until the pattern stops repeating. Ever since BTC's creation, all you had to do was buy near a bear market low and you multiplied your money 20-fold within 2-3 years. I suspect many are currently on the sidelines waiting to pile in when the current cycle bottoms out, with the expectation of it being $200k+ in a few years time. I've seen on trading forums that the dream is still there of $500k or $1m.
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      Originally posted by _V_ View Post
      Call me a doubter but all the evidence you need to not take any chart seriously is on that page. I'm talking about the statement below the chart that says 'As you may have noticed: The original Bitcoin Rainbow Chart is dead! '

      So the last one we said was going to happen didn't happen so here is a new one based on the data we didn't expect so take this one as gospel.

      It's just ridiculous.
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        Originally posted by _V_ View Post
        I wouldn't be surprised if they'll have to come up with a V3 before this bear market has run its course.

        BTC is currently in uncharted territory. Throughout its history, it has only ever experienced benign market conditions. It has never encountered a severe economic downturn and equities bear market. There's no telling how low it could end up going.
        Scoots still says that Apr 2020 didn't mark the start of a new stock bull market.


          Originally posted by DealorNoDeal View Post
          There's no telling how low it could end up going.
          I predict that the theoretical lower bound is zero or, in terms of negative profits, the total amount invested


            Nationwide to restrict crypto payments after FTX chaos

            Fresh crackdown follows wave of restrictions introduced by other major banks”



              Here you go the secret to Spooters success.

              Click image for larger version

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                "Binance auditor withdraws from working with crypto company

                World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, which has been hit by $6bn of withdrawals this week, seeks replacement for Mazars"


                Even Mazars who were fine with Trump business would not handle this one...


                  Very nice DOOM is shaping up, stay tuned…