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The strange and slow death of CUK

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    I read a lot more than I post. Mainly because I know that there are more experienced people than me in the business/accntcy sections.

    However when I read General I'm left with the feeling that it is no longer fun anymore. Maybe the brexit debate crystallised positions, so whereas before a discussion would have various shades to it as reflected by poster's differing starting points/experiences that depth in the threads has gone.

    Or there are a couple of posters who post too much and give it the big I am which leaves the rest of us bored to tears.

    To be sure, NLUK is definitely not one of those as he doesn't reveal a lot about himself from his posts and if you spend a bit of time reading them his posts are quite dark & funny. If General seems boring and quiet it's not because of him.


      Originally posted by mudskipper View Post
      Doodab died
      MTT buggered off
      EO flounced
      zeity ditto

      And instead we got FLC and his ilk...
      Actually I think he also carked it. All that HIIT training I'm guessing.
      Knock first as I might be balancing my chakras.


        Originally posted by suityou01 View Post
        Actually I think he also carked it. All that HIIT training I'm guessing.
        He's very much alive and well.


          Originally posted by original PM View Post

          But we are all to blame I haven't started a decent thread in years (if I ever did!!)

          So maybe instead of getting down on it the real people who made the CUK forums erm.... great over the years need to step up and swing.
          I must admit I now can't be bothered to start any threads as the merging maniac will strike.

          Sorry just can't be arsed.

          The brexit threads got a bit tedious but I did learn a bit from them.
          "If you didn't do anything that wasn't good for you it would be a very dull life. What are you gonna do? Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous."

          I want to see the hand of history on his collar.


            Originally posted by vetran View Post
            The brexit threads got a bit tedious but I did learn a bit from them.
            IMO the brexit threads were the worst things I've seen on the forums since I joined. No way we could of gotten away from it though as people were having the same arguments in the office, pub, facebook etc Just a horrible time.
            'CUK forum personality of 2011 - Winner - Yes really!!!!


              Originally posted by Antman View Post
              I read a lot more than I post.
              Ban him! The whole idea of general is to ignore anything anyone says - no matter how much sense it makes.


                Originally posted by northernladyuk View Post
                Abuse by PM is unacceptable bullying IMO. You should forward it to Admin and cojak. Don't bother with the freak or the cretin.
                Thank you for the suggestion but I prefer to save the mods from immature boys.


                  Don't underestimate how incredibly useful and how much seriously gets learnt from the Prof forums.


                    Originally posted by DimPrawn View Post
                    I'm gearing up for stoptober.

                    The mods killed the place.

                    It all worked much better when there was hardly any mod presence and bans were for real tulip, now the reasons are usually petty. Moderators getting in the middle of heated debates with a "better watch what you are saying to me" attitude also stinks.

                    Putting a "who is banned" thread at the top of the forum was another ridiculous idea, what actually is the point of that? It's like a detention list in a school corridor.

                    Banning sockies also was a bad policy, they were often funny and were always harmless, now they just come straight back after a ban even tulipter than before. The higher turnover just encourages suspicion of every new poster and genuinely new people get put off.

                    I'm guessing it is the interest of the company to get traffic through this forum to drive advertising so I don't know why the decline is tolerated.


                      If I could summarise what CUK has become...

                      First Law of Contracting: Only the strong survive