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Indian recruitment consultancies operating in the UK

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  • FrontEnder
    A bit foolish to just block the Agency based on this. Their contractor division is probably completely separate to this.

    I've had some dealing with them and they were decent enough, although I haven't had a gig with them.

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  • The Plantswoman
    What does it matter if you get the role and they pay your invoices?

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  • MrMarkyMark
    Originally posted by rocktronAMP View Post
    but I now believe that this trend of clipper cheap-as-chips cowboy building contractor is very real.
    Where have you been, SilverLink, Blackapple etc. have been doing this for ages?

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  • northernladuk

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  • Indian recruitment consultancies operating in the UK

    This seems to happening more and more this year.

    I had calls from Arrows Group UK, which I have now blocked, where their people have poor English: "When you make the CV", "If you would be fine", "you can reply me back"
    I don't want this agency to represent my contracting business. It seems like they have outsourced their recruitment consultants.

    And then this morning I had an email from a different company outfit supposedly based in Harrow, HA1, London. They also had an office based in India Pty as advertised on the email signature.
    The email was about a ____ developer job in central London for 6 months. So I thought okay, goody.

    So I started reading:

    Role: Sr. ____ Developer
    Rate: Competitive
    Location: London
    Job type: Contract
    Duration: 6 Months
    Start date: Oct 1st Week

    Job Description:

    A unique development opportunity to work for an innovative market leader as a ___ Developer.
    Full Name:
    Please share the following details to consider your interest for this role.
    The job description text appeared all in blue in my Gmail, and at the bottom of the email it read:

    Visa Details (If Applicable):
    Contact No:
    Current Company:
    Current role (Permanent or Contract):
    Notice Period:
    Current Rate/Salary:
    Expected Rate/Salary:
    Total Experience:
    Joining time after selection:
    Current Location:

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    It was complete spam. I just thought this was basic-level bottom of the pyramid stuff. They obviously grabbed my details from JobSite or CWJobs website, because I am looking, but I now believe that this trend of clipper cheap-as-chips cowboy building contractor is very real. Somebody else out there falling for the hook like a fish and it ain't me.

    See also the thread State of the Market from a few weeks ago!