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    Originally posted by CheeseSlice View Post
    I had a telephone interview with an Indian consultancy weeks ago. Nothing else was going on so thought why not?

    Turned out to be no specific gig and the guy interviewing me had a completely different skillset to me and wasn't going to ask me about anything in the JD but his own areas of interest. What a waste of time. Suffice to say that I heard nothing back afterwards.
    I still think these guys are just up to RMLT shenanigans for visa purposes.
    Call you from a UK number based in India having found your CV on 'dodgy job portal.com'
    Push aggressively for email permission to share it within one hour
    Sent batch of CVs to a client, saying to client 'look at these great skills blud'
    Client will say - 'cool beans blud your Co is hired'
    Then give the job to one of their own workers at rate * 0.2
    Job done (not for you though!)


      Originally posted by elsergiovolador View Post
      Had a first cold call in weeks.

      Recruiter had few permie roles and then asked how is the market looking and laughed.

      I laughed too.
      I have had multiple calls, emails last week for perm roles as well. Not interested. But looks like I will be left with no choice in 2-3 months


        The market in my sector and location (design / scotland) has been extremely poor for months. It was bad due to ir35 at the beginning of the year, got even worse after covid.

        Since the start of 2020 I don't think I've seen more than 10-15 roles coming up, both contracts and permanent. Salaries are the same as last year, day rates also the same...only now the roles are inside ir35.

        Next 6 months the situation is going to stay exactly as is; then in 2021 the market will be pish again but this time we'll blame the no deal brexit. And so it goes...


          Originally posted by DrGUID View Post
          Not had a single job related phone call in 3 weeks now (I'm a C# dev).

          I still haven't started the permie role I was offered in mid-March. Their clients are shedding jobs and my gut feeling is the job will never happen.

          But don't worry because the Nasdaq is making new highs.

          We are still hiring perm C# devs for a fintech company in London?
          "He's actually ripped" - Jared Padalecki



            Boomed! Start Monday and already have login info, timesheet portal etc. set up. Am still cautious of course until at least one billing cycle.

            Elsewhere I spotted a PHP Dev role in the north west for 130 p/day and it's part time....

            Permietractor (probably)


              Originally posted by BritishLad88 View Post
              market does seemed to picked up bit towards back end of May but i think it is slowing down again for whatever reason.

              there are many reasons why things i think have been so slow in recent times:

              - because of lockdown, many recruiters have been made redundant meaning the remaining recruiters are doing perhaps 3x as much work they normally do so it might be just that they can't get round to certain procedures.
              - people just slacking away when working from home/remotely. let's be honest, we don't work the full 9-5 as we normally do in an office.
              - business no trading = no work = no need for new resouces (many businesses are struggling to stay afloat during these difficult times)
              - some businesses are prioritizing firings over hirings. (tough economic times)
              - in our contract market, the pool of applicants have been greater than ever (don't forget there were quite a significant number of us who flew in the towel because of not wanting to go inside IR35 before the pandemic kicked in) - so that means greater competition than before
              Btw it's "threw in the towel", not flew


                Originally posted by fidot View Post
                Btw it's "threw in the towel", not flew
                i know, it was just a mental typo. didn't really bother fixing it.


                  In the PM world, there are 294,647 agencies all fighting over the same Cloud/Azure PM role in Warwickshire.

                  The last few days, this same bloody role is popped up again and again.

                  One does wonder if it is the client who has instructed all these agencies. Or that all the agencies are picking over the remaining bones in a mad scramble.


                    Originally posted by mookiemoo View Post
                    just been extended until Feb 2021..... and my client is in one of the industries really suffering right now.

                    I think I'm lucky as I'm not actually contracted to the client but their consultancy since the client has laid off most of their own contractors (permatemps since that is how they behave and are treated and I can understand why the client found them all inside)

                    I also have the advantage of being the only person physically in the UK. But either way, I'm happy - I stated in Jan with the anticipation of being there until May - then got extended to June, October and now February.

                    Hopefully by then some sanity will have returned to life.
                    Bro that sounds amazing, good for you.

                    Things seemed to be drying up in my sector ( webdesign, coding, user interface etc) with onset of covid but has actually surprisingly picked up.
                    It;s becoming more and more the case for companies to operate online and rely more heavily on a non bricks-and-mortar style of operations, and so, though at first work trickled, it's picking up now.
                    Also worth keeping your LinkedIn updared and dropping messages to old contacts and companies you'd worked with in the past.

                    But yeah.. the old contracting agencies route has kinda dried up.


                      Originally posted by Mephisto View Post
                      Boomed! Start Monday and already have login info, timesheet portal etc. set up. Am still cautious of course until at least one billing cycle.

                      Elsewhere I spotted a PHP Dev role in the north west for 130 p/day and it's part time....

                      This one's just cropped up as well, £130-200/day for a dev in London.

                      Last edited by Shezz; 16 June 2020, 14:46.