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Faulty network faceplate at home

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    Faulty network faceplate at home

    I have an odd problem with a network point at home. When I plug my PC in it tells me I have limited connectivity. If I plug a laptop in it connects to the network but when I run Speedtext it seems to be intermittent and never gets above about 2meg/s. The other port in the office is running ok at around 20Meg/s.. I swapped cables in the router and still had the same problem so it appears to be the wiring or the port. The wires are in the same as the other ports.

    Anyone any ideas why the signal from this port seems to connect but at ridiculously low speeds/intermittently? Do you think it is a broken wire in the cable that is causing it? Any ideas what I can do? I guess re-terminate both ends to make sure it is the terminations that are at fault. Beyond that I am stuffed with a broken wire somewhere I can't get at between router and wall plate?
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    I had a problem like this the other week and found that the f'ing builders had stuck a spade through my Cat 6 on the outside of my house!!!

    Was intermittent for a few days and then it got wet and shut down completely.

    Is there any spare cable in the housing, disconnect, strip and reconnect if you are sure it is in the housing.
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      Had this sort of problem once when setting up the missus's cable. Tested all the connections individually and they were ok, plugs all looked correct sort but changing one fixed it.

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