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win 98 - online but can't access web pages

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    win 98 - online but can't access web pages

    I have had this problem for a week now...

    I can dial up to my ISP, but I am unable to access any web pages- I get the error "This page cannot be displayed - DNS error".

    I have done the following to resolve the problem with no luck so far.

    - Checked setting for IE 6
    - Installed new copies of winsock.dll, wsock32.dll and rasapai32.dll
    - Reinstalled TCP/IP
    -Reinstalled Dial up networking and thus rebuilding the winsock3 registry key.
    - Checked the "Hosts" file (the only entry there is the local host i.e

    I get a respnse when I ping my ISP's DNS, but cannot access any websites.

    My OS is win 98 and browser is IE6. I can't access web pages using Netscape on the same PC as well.

    However, I have been able to access web pages on an old win95 PC I have in the house, dialing up using the same ISP.

    Any other suggestions would be very helpfull and appreciated.


    your isp requires some dns/wins settings in your tcp/ip config?



      Have you tried :

      Internet Options
      LAN Settings
      Automatically detect settings should be checked.




        I think on w98 the tcpip config can be got with start -> run ->winipcfg
        ie you type winipcfg

        that should show your current dns and route settings

        failing that try opening a dos window and running ipconfig/all

        do that when you are connected and let us know what you see.

        you are looking for the dns server address, but also check the default route and your own ip address.

        you can use nslookup to test dns server responses - not sure if that is available on w98 - try it in a dos window and see what you get.

        [yes I know it should be command window rather than dos these days, but old habbits die hard, anyway dos 3.1 was the last stable m$ offering]


          Thanks for the advice so far...

          Capn Graybeard,
          I have ticked "Automatically detect settings should be checked" but still no joy.

          Mark Snowdon,
          I got the folowing from running winipcfg...

          DNS servers = and

          IP address =
          Default gateway =

          What next?




            OK you have a dns server defined, I can use those servers OK so they work.

            can you do something like (at the dos prompt)

            nslookup www.google.com
            ping www.google.com

            If that works then dns is working ok at the windows level.

            on w98 does internet explorer have its own dns server list defined somewhere in the options / properties ?

            I am not an ie user (opera) and w98 is a long time ago for my poor memory.

            what version of ie are you using ?

            do you have any other browsers installed ? Netscape / opera / mozilla etc ?


              Re: re:dns

              try to ping IP address of BBc.co.uk - - if it works but ping via domain name does not then you have problem with DNS servers.

              if they both fail then try trace route to locate where it all fails: tracert www.bbc.co.uk

              the last responding IP shoul dbe point where it fails


                Just got in from work - no rest for the wicked:hat

                I have gone through your suggestions with the following results

                1. ping www.google.com/www.bbc.co.uk -
                response - unknow host.

                2. ping, I get a response

                3.tracert www.google.com/www.bbc.co.uk
                response - unable to resolve target system name

                4. tracert
                response - trace route to

                I have IE6 and Netscape Navigator installed on my win 98 machine. Can't access web pages via Nescape either.


                  yeah yeah

                  You know what?
                  I'm not a contractor.
                  It makes me a little angry that people are making lots of money in the IT market on contracting when they don't know how to fix things properly. The best logic I've seen is from the original poster, rabisco.... from looking at his initial troubleshooting.

                  Do the following. This WILL fix your fault:

                  1. Remove TCP/IP from the network stack, DO NOT REBOOT THE PC
                  2. Take a backup of the registry
                  3. Completely remove the hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\servic es\winsock2 key.
                  4. Reboot the PC
                  5. Reinstall TCP/IP, and reboot once more
                  6. Problem should now be fixed

                  Remember if you follow the instructions exactly as above you will be sorted. Of course, I'll look like an arsehole if this doesn't work... but I'm sure it will.

                  Good luck,



                    Re: yeah yeah

                    It makes me a little angry that people are making lots of money in the IT market on contracting when they don't know how to fix things properly.
                    You should bear in mind that almost certainly most people here are not specialists in this area. I've been in IT over 30 years and contracting since 1995.

                    I've had this problem myself in the past and took the "Fcuking MicroSoft - useless tw@ts" approach - scrub the lot and reinstall which worked. If others here try to help but know little more than me it does not mean they are not good IT professionals.

                    Perhaps you could advise me on tuning IDMS DMCL buffers for a mixture of online and batch processing and what changes to make for overnight batch work.

                    Would you think that allocating 57 ERE's is about right for 5,000 concurrent users using UCFCICS or is that OTT - what tools should I use to check my initial ballpark estimate. What is the impact if I get it wrong.

                    I sincerely doubt if you can even pick out from the above what is genuine and what, if anything, is bulltulip.

                    Remember - nobody likes a smart@rse - so thanks for your input but stick your snidey comments where the sun don't shine.

                    Have a nice day.