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Client laptop dilemma - roll back hard drive upgrade?

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    Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
    I just came to see your avatar again. Makes me laugh every time.
    Yet you never like any of my posts! Our bromance is suffering.


      Originally posted by woohoo View Post
      Yet you never like any of my posts! Our bromance is suffering.
      That's not true. I liked this one.


      Originally posted by woohoo View Post
      Have you asked your accountant? And what about IR35?
      'CUK forum personality of 2011 - Winner - Yes really!!!!


        To me this seems quite straightforward.

        When you upgraded your clients machine originally you cloned the spinning rust onto the SSD..
        You then used the SDD for x Years.

        I see no reason why you cannot reverse the process, clone the SSD back to the old drive, then re partition back to its full size and put the original disk back in the laptop complete with all of the new data.

        Just make sure you clone it the right way (Ive wiped a few drives by doing it the wrong way!), make a backup first.. Maybe two