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Win 10 - will you upgrade?

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    Upgraded my WIN 7 laptop fine but my PC has a "Cough" Copy With EZ activator.
    Is it worth the risk?


      Probably not.

      The latest terms state: “Microsoft’s Services EULA may automatically check your version of the software and download software update or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorised hardware peripheral devices.”
      This basically means if you use any Microsoft product, including Windows phone, the tech firm can ban you from using anything it deems to be illegal

      Windows 10 can find pirated software on your PC and stop you using it | Tech | Life & Style | Daily Express

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        Originally posted by CloudWalker View Post
        Upgraded my WIN 7 laptop fine but my PC has a "Cough" Copy With EZ activator.
        Is it worth the risk?
        Well, tbh (based on my experience) I wouldn't bother. There are still problems with it as far as I can tell & I seemed to be spending hours searching for, & going through, various solutions. Tonight, after getting a bit peed off with it generally, together with a noticeable decrease in speed of my laptop, I reverted to win 8.1, and my laptop is now flying along. I'll pass for now until I start reading that the multitude of issues have been fixed.
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          I've seen a few articles describing the report home tendencies of Win 10 and the inability to stop this despite having all settings at max privacy.

          I value my privacy and I really don't like intrusive applications, doubly so for an O/S, I will hold off on the upgrades until I see reports that there are counters to the issues.


            I, too, will upgrade only when someone releases a patch that blocks all the phoning home privacy leaking.
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              Originally posted by woohoo View Post
              Cortana does work if you are in the UK. You can change the country and language settings to US but I can't be arsed so don't know how good this feature is.
              [I assume the word "not" was missing] Cortana does work in the UK, but you have to download the speech pack in the language settings.
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                I upgraded.. but am having irritating issues with the resolution.. things just seem a bit 'blurry', online solutions arent helping.. hopefully it just fixes as part of an update. Otherwise upgrade was very painless.


                  I've upgraded my main PC, straightforward. Liking the virtual desktops and is very usable and fast. Only issue on my main PC is ShadowProtect has stopped working, I use this for making image backups. Oh! Elite has stopped working in full screen on my 4K monitor, I'm not that bothered was going off it but there you go.

                  Cortana works on my main PC but not my laptop, not sure I've done anything different. Cortana works ok, not overly impressed. The search is much better now, just seems faster and with more relevant results. Don't use the tile interface on my main PC.

                  The PC is high spec, so have not noticed any speed improvements or slow downs. No issues with graphic drivers.

                  Laptop, still have a few niggly issues with keyboard, slow when first typing in google and occasional problems with the track pad.