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  • doraappa
    started a topic Danbro Referral

    Danbro Referral

    Hi All

    Decided to go through Danbro. Does anyone have any referral code they can share?

    Thanks in advance...
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  • Contract Outside IR35 but through Umbrella - Tax the same?

    Possibly an obviously stupid question but asking it anyway as I have only contracted through an umbrella company once and that was inside IR35. As going Umbrella means being taxed as an employee, would deductions be exactly the same if the contract were Outside IR35 and day rate was the same also?...
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  • Expensing/Tax Relief on Computer Equipment - Umbrella Employee

    Hi, new to the forum and the contracting/umbrella world so apologies if this is the wrong section.

    I have recently become an employee for an umbrella company. The job that I am undertaking requires computer equipment (laptop) but I do not have one personally and currently just borrowing...
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  • Can I rent a property as a non-ltd company contractor on a short gig?

    Is it possible to apply for a rental property working as a contractor employed by an umbrella company with only 4 months left on a current client contract? Would the only option be to provide a guarantor or are there alternatives? Has anyone else been successful on doing so? I expect this would be...
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  • tax avoidance letter from HMRC Early intervention team

    Hi All
    I have received a very worrisome letter from HMRC Early intervention team with headline

    I used an umbrella company for the first time and on recommendation from my recruitment agency I chose UmbrellaWorx Ltd.
    As I was checking my payslips...
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  • Help! Mortgage via an umbrella company (payslips) - advice appreciated.

    I need some advice. I received and accepted an offer on my property which I've had for 9 years last Friday. Found the perfect property to buy last Wednesday and put an offer on it. Called Nationwide to discuss porting my existing mortgage and went through the DIP process. I was granted a DIP for £400k,...
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  • Old Umbrella Company (Tailored) in Liquidation


    I've received an email from the Director of my old Umbrella Company stating that they have gone into liquidation. To put things frankly it was a dodgy umbrella company which used a salary advance as an additional payment. I left as soon as I realised the error of my ways and I am...
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  • Umbrella companies, IR35 and the Job Retention Scheme

    I apologise if this is being discussed elsewhere - I have searched the forums and can't find anything but may have missed it.

    I am fairly new to the UK and VERY new to umbrella companies and IR35. Currently with an umbrella company on an inside IR35 contract for which I was recruited...
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  • What are the pros and cons of these various options of employment?

    I am trying to understand the contracting concept. In my limited understanding, these are the options available to work as IT consultant.

    I was trying to look for the pros and cons of each of these and not able to get a clear details. I am trying to join back to work after a career break...
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  • First contract role in the UK: confusion over employer's NI


    I have been offered by an agency a Scottish public sector contract inside IR35. I am new to the UK and had never heard of inside or outside IR35, or umbrella companies, until I was offered this role. I was simply asked my day rate (based on my experience as a sole trader responsible...
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  • New to Umbrella companies: some advice please


    I'm still quite new to the UK and have just taken on a six-month contract that I am told falls inside IR35 and that I will need to go through an umbrella company to get paid. Having freelanced in Australia as the equivalent of a sole-trader for much of my career, all of this is...
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  • Umbrella company issues new user please help

    Hi all

    My son just started work in the construction industry. He worked 28 hours in his first week, Monday to Wednesday and submitted his time sheets to his agency accordingly. He was made to register with an umbrella company called Impact.

    Anyways, they did not pay him...
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  • Recommend an Umbrella Company for Aussie moving to London?


    I'm an Australian moving to London in a week's time on a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa and this is my first time contracting.

    I have been contacted by My OE re setting up contractor management services with them and to have an initial chat once I arrive which was where...
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  • Advice on using an umbrella company for first time (& query about why contract with u

    I have been offered a contract with a university client.

    I was told that the contract would fall under IR35 and they would try to get me a higher gross rate to cover the difference (normally I run contracts through my ltd company).

    The final rate agreed was 500/day. The...
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  • Parasol Group: A Warning (Do not use this Umbrella Company)

    Hi all.

    I just wanted to share my experience with Parasol. If you are thinking of using them, my one piece of advice to you is: don't. Find a different umbrella, or go Limited.

    I did some work with them for a two month contract (or thereabouts) a few months ago, and inputted...
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  • bonita
    started a topic Umbrella company not filing taxes

    Umbrella company not filing taxes


    I recently started using an umbrella company for the first time since I am freelancing for a short period only.

    I only realised 3 pay slips in that I had been paying employer and employee NI but no tax. The contract my agency set up with the umbrella company specifically...
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  • Umbrella Companies Facilitating LTD company to work in Channel Islands?

    Hi, as far as I understand it for a contractor with a ltd company to work in the channel islands they need to apply for a company work registration - it costs money and takes time. Are their already registered umbrella companies they can go through to quickly work in the channel islands. Anyone??
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  • Umbrella company monthly take home pay could be more than Limited Company??


    I have read all sorts of info / forums on the pros and cons of Umbrella companies vs Limited Companies.
    I thought I would be "clever" and create a limited company. I've haven't traded yet. Now I'm it looks likely that I will have between 2 to 3 months work at £150...
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  • happyuk
    started a topic VAT Notice of assessment of tax

    VAT Notice of assessment of tax

    Hi would appreciate some advice on the following matter which is creating a fair amount of stress.

    For the past 2 x years I had been contracting using an umbrella company (Parasol). Because of the 24-month rule I considered the possibility of setting up my own Limited Company, and actually...
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  • bretterick
    started a topic A few noobie questions

    A few noobie questions

    Hi All,

    I am thinking about moving from a consultancy role I do (perm employed), to possibly going into Contracting. I see it as a similar thing in that I work with Clients for the duration of a project (few months) before moving onto the next. The difference being that I get to be my...
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  • sumes
    started a topic Contracting in Denmark

    Contracting in Denmark

    I'm in the process of applying for a contract in Denmark. I will be in Denmark around 80% of my time so am aware I can't use my UK limited. The agency has told me that I must use a payroll company from their approved approved list of supppliers. I've spoken to a couple of these companies one of which...
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  • zammakiram
    started a topic leavers procedures and notice period

    leavers procedures and notice period

    Hello there ! Yes I am a newbie and yes I am on my first contract with an umbrella company..and yes, I ve tried to search for other threads but.. here I am.. that's my situation:

    I am negotiating with an umbrella company (Giant) for a 12 months contract with a recruitment agency...
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  • Owe Corporation Tax & Dividends, moved overseas

    I was living in the UK for a year or so, and unexpectedly had to move to the USA.
    I worked as a contractor in the UK and opened my own business accordingly.
    During my time in the UK I racked up a rather large debt of corp tax and dividends which I'd overpaid to myself (6 thousands pounds...
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  • c0ntract0r
    started a topic Newbie Questions

    Newbie Questions

    Have lost my job so am being forced to get into contracting at the moment.
    Starting out , I feel like a little child lost in a maze. I would appreciate any help that you guys can provide.

    I have an offer for a contract but need to decide whether to form my own limited company,...
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  • Take home pay - Limited Company or Umbrella Company

    The differences

    There is one question we get asked every day, not nearly every day or most days but actually every single day. “How much better off will I be using a limited company over an Umbrella company”

    The main savings with a Limited Company over an umbrella are...
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  • Tier 1 Visa Extension and Umbrella Company...Urgent PLEASE HELP

    Hi everyone,
    I have just signed up with this forum with a very desperate attempt to get any advice anyone can give me. I am on tier 1 visa and last year another contractor suggested i switch to a different umbrella due to increased revenue potential. It is time to renew my visa...
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  • Umbrella company not disclosing assignment

    I ask you for an advice, because the situation I am in it's completely new to me.

    I had an interview with a Client (known worldwide) through an agency (well known as well), which I successfully passed. Therefore I was selected for a role which involves a lot of travelling in Europe, weekend...
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  • dicky1980
    started a topic Self-employed and a secondee?

    Self-employed and a secondee?


    I've just recieved my contract for a role in Europe, i've been hired by an engineering firm in Denmark to work at the EU. The contract says i am seconded by the client (the enginnering firm) to work at the EU but it also states that i am not employed by the client and that should be...
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  • JavaBrussels
    started a topic Belgium - Flexible Umbrella solution?

    Belgium - Flexible Umbrella solution?

    I am hopefully starting a contracting role in Belgium soon.

    I want to start a company, but I am broke.

    So I am hoping for a flexible creative Umbrella company that can:
    1. Payroll me until I have my company.
    2. Esp cover company formation expenses.
    3. Provide me with high
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  • AnnaO
    started a topic Parasol = Thats a lot of deductions!

    Parasol = Thats a lot of deductions!

    Hi All

    I have recieved my payslip from Parasol and the deductions show:
    Employee nationl insurance = 300.96
    PAYE income tax = 497.20

    Previous pay this period = 681.98!!!

    The 681.98 is what I earned in October (started the last week in oct)...
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  • The Spartan
    started a topic Overnight Subsistence

    Overnight Subsistence

    Hi everyone

    I'm a first time contractor and I'm currently getting to grips with what I am able to claim and what I'm not. I am using an Umbrella company at present and though they provide a wealth of information it's not always what I'm after.

    I came across this while looking...
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  • Claim tax back for my laptop/ backup server/ Technet while Umbrella contracting?

    Has anyone who contracts via an Umbrella company claimed (successfully) for tax back for computer equipment (I have bought a laptop and a backup server) and a Technet subscription while being 'employed' by an Umbrella Company? I know self employed people can do this if they own their business, but I...
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  • New to contracting - umbrella or limited company?

    Hi all,

    Recently found myself a contracting position and I have signed up under an umbrella company as the position came about suddenly.
    Anyhow I was reading some information on some website saying it is best to set up your own limited company if you earn more than £25.000pa....
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  • djj
    started a topic What PI insurance for first contract?

    What PI insurance for first contract?

    Hello all,

    I was not expecting it (had brain freeze on techincal assessment) but managed to land myself my first IT contract which starts early next week.
    After mainly looking at permanent roles I came across this contract and now here I am trying to organise everything that needs...
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  • stiders
    started a topic New umbrella company required!

    New umbrella company required!

    Hi, I'm currently using Parasol as an umbrella company but am thinking of changing for various reasons. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've been looking at Crystal Umbrella which is top of the league table according to freelancesupermarket.com but I'm not sure if they're any good or even reliable....
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  • Iveco
    started a topic Recommended Umbrella Company

    Recommended Umbrella Company

    We're traditionally a permanent IT Recruitment Agency who occasionally do introduce contractors to our clients on a contract basis. As such, the contractor will be employed on site through an umbrella company and we take a small introduction fee.

    The question is, which umbrella companies...
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  • clone5
    started a topic Umbrella Companies

    Umbrella Companies

    Hi folks,

    I am new here and would like some tips from people who aren't novice in this area.

    I recently started working as a contractor, and the recruitment agency that got me the role recommended an umbrella company they claimed to have a good relationship with.
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  • Springboard Umbrella or Ltd company??

    Has anyone used this company before? I'm a first time contractor and don't think I'll have time or be able to set up my limited company and get VAT regsitered before Monday! I need to return umbrella or Ltd company with VAT details to the hirer on Monday for a 4 month gig. This firm seems to offer a...
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  • Contract agency not willing to sign a contract with my umbrella company

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum. I just got my first contract here in the UK. The agency that hired me is a leader in the UK. Since I don't have a limited company here, I am opting for an umbrella company. But my agency is refusing to work with my preferred umbrella companies and instead...
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  • Contracting in Belgium - A Short Guide to Tax and Social Security


    OK so it's not so short any more. This information has been compiled based on experience, and expert advice. In response to the numerous emails and PMs I get concerning the fluid and uncertain environment for working in Belgium, I have tried to summarise the issues and pitfalls,...
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