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    New Orleans (La.) Archives Department
    Synopsis of Ordinances, 1841-1937

    Subjects beginning with letters U & V

    Main HeadingSubheading1Subheading2Ordinance Number & SeriesDateSynopsisNotesUnlawful Assembly

    3847 OS1858Prohibiting persons of color from assembling.Vagrancy

    See "Moral Code"Vagrancy

    4839 OS1859Providing for the arrest and detention of vagrants and vagabonds to prevent pilfering.

    1025 AS1871An ordinance to suppress and punish vagrancy in the City of New Orleans.Amended and re-enacted by 13974 CS.Vagrancy

    5046 AS1879To define and punish each of the offenses of being idle and disorderly, and of being a rogue and vagabond.

    1436 NCS1902To punish vagrants, dangerous and suspicious persons, buncosteerers, confidence men, thieves, gamblers, pimps, touts, fakirs, pickpockets, and all persons as knowingly horbor or protect same.See also 5754 NCS prohibiting transportation in the city of any indigent person.Vagrancy

    5268 CCS1918Defining who are vagrants and providing punishment for all such persons.

    14477 CCS1936Defining and prohibiting vagrancy, loitering, prostitution, or offering to procure another for prostitution, or any indecent or immoral act.
    ViaductsCanal Street Viaduct
    8990 CCS
    Providing for the payment of judgment rendered against the City of New Orleans in favor of the Coco Cola Company.
    ViaductsCanal Street Viaduct
    9019 CCS
    Providing for the installation and maintenance of lights by the Algiers Public Service, Inc.
    ViaductsCanal Street Viaduct
    9111 CCS
    Accepting bid of W. H. Bond for construction of the remainder of Canal Street pedestrian viaduct.
    ViaductsCanal Street Viaduct
    8889 CCS1925Providing for the completion of the viaduct over Canal Street from Front Street to the river, and for pro-rating of the cost.
    ViaductsFranklin Avenue Viaduct
    9375 CCS1926Directing the New Orleans Public Service to remove the viaduct over Franklin Avenue.
    ViaductsNewton Street Viaduct
    4301 NCS1906Directing preparation of plans and specifications for construction of a viaduct over the tracks of the Southern Pacific Railroad on Newton Street.See also 4656 NCS.ViaductsNewton Street Viaduct
    6102 NCS1909Prohibiting the driving of hogs, sheep and horned cattle over the Newton Street Viaduct, except between the hours of 4 and 6 AM, and 10 and 11 AM.See also 7535 CCS, as amended by 12784 CCS - re maintenance of Newton Street Viaduct. See 13456 CCS - re improving floor and widening roadway.Vieux Carre

    8735 CCS1925Creating the Vieux Carre Commission, fixing its jurisdition, power, duties and expenditures, and defining its purposes and functions.Amended and re-enacted by: 8757 CCS, 14058 CCS, and 14538 CCS.Vieux CarreBeauregard Home - Chartres Street
    13175 CCS1931Exempting "Beauregard Home" from taxation.
    Vieux CarreOld Napoleon House - 514 Chartres Street
    14676 CCS1937Purchased by Major Robert S. Maestri and tendered to the City of New Orleans.
    Vieux CarrePontalba Buildings
    11949 CCS1930Accepting from the Pontalba Building Museum Association, Inc., that certain portion of ground and the improvements there on known as the Upper Pontalba Building, and fixing the terms and conditions controlling said donation.
    Vieux CarrePontalba Buildings
    12183 CCS1930Creating a Commission to be known as the Pontalba Building Culture Museum Commission, fixing its powers and duties and defining its functions.Amended by 12963 CCS changing the name of the Commission to the Upper Pontalba Building Commission.


      A comparison between the U and V tests in the Behrens-Fisher problem

      G. U. FENSTAD

      Institute of Mathematics, University of Oslo Blindern, Oslo Norway

      Several statistical methods have been recommended for use in the Behrens—Fisher situation. One of these methods, the V test introduced by Welch (1937), seems to have been ignored in later literature. We have compared the V test with the U test which is most in use nowadays, using stochastic simulation. The comparisons have been carried out for both tests with fixed critical values and for approximate tests. In the former case the V test is highly recommended, and in the latter case also the approximate V test seems to perform better than the U test.

      Key Words: Behrens-Fisher problem • Simulation • Welch's U test • Welch's V test


        how about B-Z ?
        SA says;
        Well you looked so stylish I thought you batted for the other camp - thats like the ultimate compliment!

        I couldn't imagine you ever having a hair out of place!

        n5gooner is awarded +5 Xeno Geek Points.
        (whatever these are)


          Originally posted by n5gooner
          how about B-Z ?
          B'z (pronounced "bees") is a popular and influential Japanese hard rock band comprised of Tak Matsumoto (松本 孝弘, Matsumoto Takahiro?, guitar) and Koshi Inaba (稲葉 浩志 Inaba Kōshi, vocals). They are one of the most critically acclaimed and the most commercially successful music group in the history of Japan.


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              walnut n. Gland up the male arse which causes immediate ejaculation when poked.

              walnut manouvre n. The mythical method by which good looking nurses are trained to poke your walnut (qv) in order to obtain a sperm sample.

              walnut whip rhym. slang. A minor operation which removes the cream, but leaves the nuts intact. The snip.

              w**k 1. n. Rubbish; nonsense. "That is a load of w**k". 2. n. Masturbation. "That was a dead good w**k". 3. v. To masturbate. "I really enjoy w**king".

              w**ker n. 1. He who w**ks. 2. A fellow road user; a motorist at whom one waves. As in: "Yeah... and you too, you w**ker".

              w**kily adj. Badly; sub standard. "He did that really w**kily".

              w**k sock n. A sock used in w**king. Possibly tied to a bed post and designed to indicate when wind conditions are suitable for masturbation.

              w**king spanners n. Hands.

              wap-waps n. Breasts. Also dedoo-wap-waps.

              waz v. variously To piss; to puke; to w**k.

              wazzed adj. To be pissed, puked or w**ked, presumably.

              wear the beard v. To perform oral sex on a woman. Of lesbians, the stone (qv). As in: "You can tell she wears the beard". Not to be confused with beard (qv).

              wedding tackle n. The male genitalia.

              wedge v. To pull another's underpants up the crack of their arse. n. A wedgie.

              welly top n. A term used to describe the va**na. "She had a fanny like a welly top".

              wet as an otter's pocket sim. Descriptive of the moistness of an object, eg. a face flannel, a raincoat, a frothing gash.

              whanger n. Large pen1s. As in: "My, that's a fair whanger you have in your pants".

              wheek v. Scotch. To remove tulip from an aeroplane toilet.

              wheel tapping at the Bourneville factory euph. Dabbling in homosexual practices; the apprenticeship served prior to qualifying as a fully fledged coco shunter (qv).

              whidgey n. Eire Front bottom.

              whiff of lavender euph. Suspicion of a beard (qv) bride. As in: "I don't know about Edward. There's a whiff of lavender about that marriage".

              white mouse n. Tampon.

              Whitehouse cigar n. To offer someone a puff on your pink panatella (qv). A smoke on a white owl, a blowjob.

              whitewater wristing euph. To pull your pud; masturbate.

              white wee wee n. Planet Skaros Dalek term for semen.

              willnots n. Tagnuts; dangleberries. Arse fudge entwined in the kak canyon foliage which simply will not come off.

              Willy Woofter rhym. slang Poofter.

              wind jammer n. A brownpipe engineer (qv) who leaves his tool in the wind pipe.

              winky 1. n. A baby's cock. 2. adj. Having a tendency to wink.

              winkybag 1. n. A baby's scrotum. 2. n. An ugly woman who winks a lot.

              winnie n. Lesbian; she who licks the honey pot.

              winnit n. Kling-on; dangleberry (qv); brown room hangers on.

              wizard's hats n. See dunce's hats.

              wizard's sleeve n. Clown's pocket. A particularly capacious sausage wallet. As in, 'I can't feel a bloody thing. You must have a fanny like a wizard's sleeve."

              wobbly landing n. Trying, when drunk, to moor your under-inflated zipper zeppelin into your wife's hairy hanger.

              wolfbagging v. To have sex with a wolf inside a, large bag.

              woman in comfortable shoes n. A tennis fan (qv).

              wood n. Erectness of the cock. "I have got wood".

              woody n. An erection.

              wuffle nuts n. The fruits of the dangleberry tree.
              I don't know my arse from an hole in the ground



                X-piles n. Mysterious, unidentified throbbing objects from Uranus.

                X-ray specs n. Spectacles usually available by mail order only from crappy magazines which enable the wearer to see through a woman's clothing.

                XXX A special video certificate awarded to pornographic films of exceptionally poor sound and picture quality.

                xylophone 1. v. To move along a fine of naked women who are all bending down, and spank their bottoms - which are of varying sizes - with ones penis; to play a tune on womens buttocks. From the Greek xylo meaning wood (qv) and phonnicus meaning to hit tunefully. 2. n. Like a piano, but you twat it with little sticks.
                I don't know my arse from an hole in the ground



                  yabba dabbas n. The climactic stages of intercourse; vinegar strokes (qv).

                  yak n. 1. A large, hairy animal of untidy appearance. 2. Feminist's beaver (qv); minge with a pant moustache (qv).

                  yank n. A 'one-man-band' type device with which an American attaches his penis to his ankle in order to pull himself off whilst walking about. $4.99

                  yank the plank euph. To spank your plank.

                  yarbles n. Testicles. attr. A Clockwork Orange.

                  Y bone steak n. The female opposite of a tubesteak (qv).

                  yitney n. One who is yitten (qv).

                  yitten adj. To be scared of something very tame.

                  yoff v. To shout soup.

                  yoinkahs n. A pair of twin peaks (qv) that cause a volcanic eruption in your 'under-krakatoas'.

                  yongles US n. Testicles.
                  I don't know my arse from an hole in the ground



                    zeps abbr. Zeppelins euph. Large breasts. Also Hindenburgs.

                    zig-a-zig ahhh! onomatopoeia To have a bloody good wank while watching a Spice Girls video.

                    Zinzanbrook (zin-zan-bruk) NZ rhym. slang F**k; have sex.

                    zipperfish n. Penis; trouser trout; underpant eel, etc.

                    zorba v. To have sex with a native whilst on holiday in Greece. As in: "Did you zorba?"

                    zuffle v. To wipe one's cock on the curtains after having sex in a posh bird's house.

                    ZZ tops and ringers v. To fondle your wife while she's fast asleep.
                    I don't know my arse from an hole in the ground


                      David Ginola's embarrasing secret revealed

                      His name is anagram of "Vagina Dildo"
                      I don't know my arse from an hole in the ground