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test please delete

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    Originally posted by oraclesmith
    I did wonder about some of them posts though. They did look under age even if they weren't.
    Hmm, maybe I didn't visit here as often as some, but can't say I saw anything which ever made me wonder which side of the legal limit things were on.

    Still this thread certainly should be up there in the CUK hall of fame, 232,387 page views, 5,449 posts, what more could you want...besides #1 on Google, and a top spot for those that contributed....

    PS: so what did happen to those Columbian hostages by the way?
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      While not my cup of tea, I'll be sorry if this thread dies before it gets to it's 1st birthday (4th Nov) - I has made me laugh on occasion. Can we attempt to keep it going until then?
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        Originally posted by administrator
        Hi People,

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but we have received some fairly scary official complaints about this thread and we have been left with no option but to remove the images.

        It was fun while it lasted and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the thread since sasguru typed the infamous post 'jdjdsjd'.

        Kind Regards

        CUK Admin

        Mary Whitehouse can kiss my @ss.
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          Originally posted by administrator
          Whilst we have received complaints in the past from individuals and companies we have always deleted offending images or told the complainer to get a grip where the complaint was not of a legal nature - if you don't like it then don't look at it basically. On this occasion our server host has been contacted directly asking for immediate action to be taken.

          The recent issue concerns images that were posted where the subjects could have been the wrong side of the legal age limit. We have spent a lot of time moderating this post and removing anything that overstepped the boundaries that we had set when this thread became popular but unfortunately we do not have the time to constantly monitor this thread and we missed some images that may be the ones that caused the problems.

          As you will agree, hosting potentially highly illegal images could land us in all manner of trouble so we have made the decision to block all images. Sorry but it is not worth us running the risk of us having the server taken down due to us not having the time to monitor all posts to this thread.
          What a load of rubbish. Whilst I totally understand the need for CUK to take action I don't for one second recall having ever seen anything here that fits that criteria.

          My opinion is that it is purely self-important little moaners who have nothing better to do. How very, very sad they are.

          RIP test please delete

          ---> that is for the complainers

          Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion.


            Ah well - it's ironic that the thread exists in the first place because I was trying to post an image and failed, for some reason I can't recall

            I vote we award Fortune Green the "Hero of CUK" award - he has brightened many a boring day.
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                Going back to the beginning....... The first picture was from Mrs Goof...

                The funny thing was unless you are a pyromaniac there was nothing sexual about it.. and definately not underage.


                  I for one am glad this thread has finished. I find pictures of scantily dressed women offensive.


                  I'd had them all and they were all rubbish.

                  What happens in General, stays in General.
                  You know what they say about assumptions!


                    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so it must work the other way.

                    A young (but at least 18) girl is looking directly at the camera whilst kneeling on a bed. Her top has been pulled down to reveal her ample breasts. They are full and rounded. She is blonde with highlights in her hair. She is also wearing a blue thong and has well shaped buttocks. She...

                    No it's bollox isn't it? We need to see the picture.


                      Maybe we could get creative. Anyone any good at erotic stories? When I have time, I will make an attempt. Coming soon ....
                      Hard Brexit now!