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test please delete

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      Hi People,

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but we have received some fairly scary official complaints about this thread and we have been left with no option but to remove the images.

      It was fun while it lasted and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the thread since sasguru typed the infamous post 'jdjdsjd'.

      Kind Regards

      CUK Admin


        Who complained (individual, company, government body)?

        Was it about copyright or about it being "offensive"?

        Pray do tell?


          it was the only thing I looked foward to when coming to this god forsaken place....
          SA says;
          Well you looked so stylish I thought you batted for the other camp - thats like the ultimate compliment!

          I couldn't imagine you ever having a hair out of place!

          n5gooner is awarded +5 Xeno Geek Points.
          (whatever these are)


            It's already over 5K (or did you mean 50K? )
            I take it the complaints were of a copyright nature?
            His heart is in the right place - shame we can't say the same about his brain...


              Whilst we have received complaints in the past from individuals and companies we have always deleted offending images or told the complainer to get a grip where the complaint was not of a legal nature - if you don't like it then don't look at it basically. On this occasion our server host has been contacted directly asking for immediate action to be taken.

              The recent issue concerns images that were posted where the subjects could have been the wrong side of the legal age limit. We have spent a lot of time moderating this post and removing anything that overstepped the boundaries that we had set when this thread became popular but unfortunately we do not have the time to constantly monitor this thread and we missed some images that may be the ones that caused the problems.

              As you will agree, hosting potentially highly illegal images could land us in all manner of trouble so we have made the decision to block all images. Sorry but it is not worth us running the risk of us having the server taken down due to us not having the time to monitor all posts to this thread.



                And I went and registered today and everything - this was becoming my favorite place to visit


                  I did wonder about some of them posts though. They did look under age even if they weren't.
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                    Parkinsons induced double clicking...
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                      Originally posted by oraclesmith
                      I did wonder about some of them posts though. They did look under age even if they weren't.
                      Did they? It's so hard to tell nowadays over a box of Kleenex...

                      More to the point, would you go "Oh look, it's Ginny from number 9, she's still at school. Hosting that picture on a public forum is illegal" or "Some tw@t has knicked the photos of our under aged assets and we'll sue them".

                      Oh, I don't know. Like most good sex, it was good while it lasted...
                      If you think my attitude stinks, you should smell my fingers.