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test please delete

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    Lunch: a sandwich (white) of chicken bits in what was described as a "sweet and smoky" BBQ sauce; plus a bag of plain crisps. Nice enough, but could do with a bit more oomph


      The landlady said nothing about the floor but then she seemed to think that the check out report was intended to give her a maintenance to do list, not validation that I'd looked after the place. I suspect I'll hear in due course what she wants to do about it.

      While I was there she had a new range oven fitted and had gardeners digging out the bamboo. All things she'd ignored while I was there but which were suddenly worth doing for people willing to pay £300 a month more. The oven cost her £2200 so she'll break even on that in about 7 months' time.

      Then I went to the cafe wot does hotdesking, had a nice lunch and got quite a bit of work done. A tad noisy but no-one on the team weekly call said they had trouble hearing me or that the muzak was too much.

      The walk home at 5pm was considerably warm, at 28 degrees.


        Oh and the workmen on the pavement this morning were fixing the connection twixt house and whatever is under the man hole cover. It looks like a bit of glorified tube has been laid along the wall but if that's all that I need then it's fine by me.

        Now I need to get the installation technician back as soon as possible after I get home from holiday.


          Tea: oniony chicken casserole, being a fresh batch. Very nice


            I've performed an emergency transition to the lightweight duvet. Probably still too warm, but I vaguely hope for it to cool down a bit in here overnight


              Tonight's viewing was an old Police Interceptors, just for a change

              It's too warm but with nightfall, the perfume of the neighbourhood flowers has started drifting through the bedroom window

              Goodnight all


                Morning denizens

                A warm and sunny start again, being already up to 19°C and aiming for 27° by mid-afternoon. The barometers are down though, at 1008/1013mB

                Last night's switch to the one-third duvet proved to be a smart move, as although it was still a bit too warm to start with, it seemed to be about right when the daylight coming in woke me up at a quarter to five. I pulled the blind back down, and it didn't feel too hot for the next couple of hours


                  Morning all
                  CBS, etc and warm out. Not as humid as yesterday.
                  Antibiotics seem to be kicking in, which is good.
                  …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore





                    Coolish side of warmish at 20.7 deg in here, 21.5 in the kitchen, 20 in the leanto.

                    1012 mBar, 29.884343 in Hg, 759.06 Torr, 14.6778 psi, (unchanged), 78% RH (GDR hair), 71% RH (Lidl electric).

                    Meanwhile on the 13th of October 2019 there was a new series of HIGNIFY, NF dried his washing on the clothes horse and had a nice fry up for tea with Coop sausages which met with his approval but was thinking of investigating sausage made by local artisans, whereas I was upset by the death of Stephen Moore, of Marvin the Paranoid Android fame, having refused to listen to the latest H2G2 due to him not being in it any more.

                    This morning's dream before waking involved some sort of IC tester that needed work doing on it. I was glad to wake up.

                    Shopping trips to Aldi, Tesco, and Morrisons done dusted, washed, dried, sanitised & put away. I wonder what that Aldi Islay single malt is like.

                    Lunch: beans on toast etc.

                    Entertainment: TWATO.

                    "Buried: the last witness" on R4: all the PCBs and other toxic indestructible crap that's been buried in assorted Welsh landfills.

                    Presumably referring to this:


                    And many others.

                    Veronica Mars S3 E17 "Debasement Tapes". Downhill all the way to the EOS3.

                    A cold war of spies E2 on PBS.

                    Tea: some very old Morrisons faggots and peas. Nice enough.

                    Dear old Edgar Lustgarten in Scotland Yard "The Tyburn Case (1957)".

                    Capone Investment "The grass is greener (1974)". John Thaw without Carter or Lewis. Wallace without Grommit.

                    Veronica Mars S1 E15, E16, this last with the first appearance of Willow.

                    Maigret and the Etoile du Norde: the final appearance for Bruno Cremer's Maigret: he was dying of cancer of the throat & his voice is dubbed. . Sad. He looked unwell but lasted another 6 years after making that.

                    The Oak Island Nutjobbery: "Deeper Digs, Bigger Stakes": more fecking wood.

                    The Aldi single malt was nice enough but I prefer Laphoaig.

                    I wonder what the Lidl(tm) Islay malt is like. .
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                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Morning all

                      Sunny, no cloud from my vantage point. Currently 25 degrees with a high of 29 expected . Forgot to look at the barometer before I left the house this morning so my weather app says it's down to 1017 mBar.

                      Busy morning. Met with a potential new client on a little project. Handover meetings. Spreadsheet wrangling.