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    Tonight's Chatsworth bounty has been spare ribs in a smoky bourbon sauce, with chips

    Exceptionally meaty ribs, they were. I wouldn't be surprised to learn they'd been cut from the Empress of Blandings, the prizewinning fat pig that appears in a number of P. G. Wodehouse stories


      Watched an old Police Interceptors earlier

      And then some Apple WWDC videos about various bits

      I've been feeling a bit under the weather since last night. Probably picked up some bug in the Peak District on Saturday

      Goodnight all


        Morning denizens

        Cloudy start, though looking as if it might develop gaps at any minute. Still no heatwave, being 9°C and reaching 16° later; the barometers are up a little more at 1009/1017mB






          Cold in here at 16.6 deg, 17 deg in the kitchen (kettle effect), 15 deg in the leanto.

          1019 mBar, 30.09 in Hg, 764.3 Torr, 14.779 psi (unchanged), 78% RH (GDR hair), 64% RH (Lidl electric).

          Meanwhile on the 9th of October 2019 it was 0.2 deg cooler in here than today , the skool road near BlueSharp was being dug up, and one of WTFH's guinea fowl had gone to meet its maker having refused to return to the roost & thusly getting itself eaten, my walk in those dim & distant days took me to Tonna lock & back rather than up the hill to the res.

          Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the cold grey gloom of the morning, though it brightened up a little towards the end.

          Lunch: scrambled egg etc.

          Entertainment: Y&Y <click>.

          TWATO <click>.

          House roughly vacced, despite the lack of rotation of the brush, the cleaner still picks up lots.

          Veronica Mars S3 E8 "Lord of the Pi's". More fraternity crap presumably. One can appreciate why it never made a S4. Gosh. Patty Hearst (the real one) as a guest. Mildly amusing. I have no recall of this whatsoever. One of the fraternity bros gets a plastic easter egg jammed up his jacksie. That must have made his eyes water a bit.

          Tea: sausage & mash etc. Nice enough though feck nose what those sausages were, certainly neither cumberland nor lincolnshire.

          Entertainment: PM <click>

          Morse S1 E3 "Service of all the dead": the one in that spooky church, not one of the best.

          Freecell score; 93%, running average: 86%.

          The Human Jungle S1 E5 "The lost hours (1963)". The one about the chap who had no adolescence and is suspected by his wife of having an affair.

          I found "A murder of Quality" by John Le Carre, it was hiding in plain sight, along with "Smiley's People" in the bookcase behind this chair.

          So it's "The spy who came in from the cold" and "A small town in Germany" that I'm still looking for, well it's sommat to do, innit?

          Random egg sandwich because I wanted one.
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          When the fun stops, STOP.


            Lunch: Scotch broth and a crust of wholemeal

            It remains cloudy but dry out


              Afternoon all

              Dull and overcast, although it was reasonably bright first thing. Currently 16 degrees with a high of 17 due to be reached around 5pm. Barometer up to 1021 mBar.

              Decided to leave the house and go to the office today. Sadly I didn't bump into any of my contacts there who might feel inclined to offer me some work.

              I keep looking at things to pack and then reminding myself that I've paid people to do that.


                Old farts coach trip to Rochester today. Inneresting castle. But ll3 expected me to carry her bag up all the old steps, felt like she had 1cwt of concrete in it.

                If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                  Tea was a Chatsworth steak and ale pie with chips. Very nice, though TBH I think my own was just as good

                  That's the last of the refrigerated Chatsworth stuff that Needed to be Eaten™ - the rest of it is in the freezer except for some bacon, but that keeps for longer anyway having been properly smoked


                    Tonight's viewing was that C5 thing that claims to be motorway police but mainly happens off the motorway and is peppered with unrelated dashcam footage

                    And then some Apple WWDC videos about Swift Data. Looks like there may now be an easy way to do something I was trying to do earlier in the year, but I'm not installing beta stuff on this machine so I'll have to wait to try it out

                    Meanwhile in nuclear accidents, the Canadians are managing a few more cockups with their reactors. But their friends to the south are rapidly outpacing them, particularly by building the world's first fast breeder reactor and then deciding to see what happens when you turn the coolant off. Nothing you'd want to see happen, it turns out

                    Goodnight all


                      Morning denizens

                      Sunny start, albeit with a high haze to moderate the rays a little. The forecast seems to be more of the same or perhaps a bit cloudier, then breezier this afternoon, and maybe some showers around teatime. Currently 9°C, 15° expected, and the barometers are back down to 1002/1010mB

                      Up betimes this morning as I left the blind in the bedroom up quite high last night, leading to the aforementioned sunlight making its way in. It's one of those rare years when the Summer Solstice falls on the 20 June, so only a week and the sun will gradually start retreating back across the Tropic of Cancer

                      In fact, looking at https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar...html?year=1950 it's clear that the 20 June solstice didn't happen at all for the last fifty years of the preceding millennium although there were some 22 June ones, whereas in the first fifty years of this one, it becomes more and more common, happening two years in a row sometimes from the late 2040s on. I hope somebody's let English Heritage know so they can adjust their plans for Stonehenge accordingly; I remember them getting a bit confused over the out-of-step date of an equinox in the late 1980s