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    Links are up


      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
      I just had some toast, too! Mine was Jason's White Sourdough, Receipe No1 The Great White. One of those loaves where I have to cut the slices in half to fit them in my toaster.
      Toast FTW!


        The Kantar 2022 diary has arrived! They had announced their intention to send them but were having supplier issues which delayed their issue

        Anyway it's a completely different style to last years, without a daily fact, so we've not missed out on anything.


          Cheese on toast here
          {emotionless greeting}

          Three Word Slogan


            Lunch: corned beef and crisp butties (sesame bloomer), thereby using up the rest of the small tin of corned beef


              Lunch is a freshly baked small baguette from my part-baked stash in the freezer, (over) filled with bacon that needed using up.

              To upset everyone on the red vs brown sauce debate, I had sweet chilli sauce.


                Feeling a bit tired and run-down today, so I really didn't want to go for a walk

                But I finally cajoled myself into it, so: walk briskly walked, green ring closed

                Quite cold out, but no breeze to speak of so it was tolerable


                  Tea: chicken in red wine sauce with chips and peas

                  Accompanied by a bit of Traffic Cops


                    I rather got into something I was working on and forgot to stop until HWMBO messaged me to say hello. I still faffed for a further 15 minutes, "making things tidy for the morning" before finally logging off around 9pm.

                    I have found something to eat and done my Portuguese homework ready for tomorrow's class. I know I'll forget it all so I wrote down things in ways that remind of the pronunciation so I don't look a total idiot. Out of six people in the class, three are European (French, Spanish, Bulgarian) another has a Portuguese parent/grandparent and then there's two typical language illiterate Brits, of which I am one.


                      Bit of a Gomorrah binge again tonight: S1E6 Roulette spagnola (TV Episode 2014), S1E7 Imma contro tutti (TV Episode 2014), and S1E8 La scheda bianca (TV Episode 2014)

                      The decor of the house of the boss's family in this exhibits even worse taste than that of The Sopranos so, spotting something about "casa Savastano" in the credits, I turned to Google Translate's magic thing where you use the camera on your phone and it superimposes the translation over reality. This revealed that the house is a real property that was seized by the Italian government's office of seizing stuff from gangsters. I felt a degree of sympathy for the interior designers who were selected to do the work and couldn't dare tell the owners how execrably bad their ideas were, no matter how tactfully, but had to just do it as asked and then suffer the indignity of having to put it in their portfolio and pretend they were proud of it

                      Also, lots of Naples appears to be a right dump

                      Goodnight all