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test please delete

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    Some absolute cockwomble is letting off fireworks, safe to say the dog is not happy

    Originally posted by Stevie Wonder Boy
    I can't see any way to do it can you please advise?

    I want my account deleted and all of my information removed, I want to invoke my right to be forgotten.


      More potholes filled on the back lane.

      Running out of stuff to fill them now.

      Scaffolders put up about half the required including the tower around the chimney, then it rained & they buggered off, which is quite understandable.

      Freecell score this morning: 86%, running average 83%.

      The score on this box, on the other hand, is low 70s since it takes account of the number of times you lose the same game, unlike the old version which doesn't, so you can practice as much as you like on the hard ones.
      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Raining again


          Nottingham's doomed!

          Be careful up there, everybody


            The remains of the Big Chicken have been consigned to the InstantPot™ in the company of various vegetables, meaning I now have to decide what soup to make once the first pressure cook has reduced it all to a nice stock

            Looking at the weather forecast, I'm drawn to the zingy chicken, tomato and lentil. But I may change my mind at the last minute and make chicken and barley instead

            Meanwhile, the moon is hanging around outside again, looking a little damper than it used to


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              Nottingham's doomed!

              Be careful up there, everybody

              Thanks NF - let's see how things go...


                Tea: more of yesterday's meh beef.

                It remained pretty meh.

                0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: "Nighmare at noon (1988)" with that George Kennedy, Bo Hopkins, Wing Hauser (who?), and Leon from Blade Runner (Brion James).

                It puts the Bee into Movie.

                Amusing enough for what it is.


                Then "Ghosts" on BBC1 England.

                Now "Air crash special: fatal flaw" on Blaze.

                Makes a change from Oak Island nutjobs.

                First up is the Alaska Airlines MD80 crash off LA due to lack of lubricant on the elevator jackscrew.

                This apparently is A Bad Thing, and so it proved for the 88 people on board.

                JAL123: explosive decompression blows the vertical stablilser off.

                Atlantic southeast airline flight 529. Nasty. Borked prop.

                Swissair flight 111. Brought down by the entertainment system.

                United Airlines 585.

                USAir 427.

                Turns out to be servo control valve in the rudder.

                Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 26 October 2020, 21:59.
                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Dinner was a jacket potato as I found a big one when making my roasties yesterday and had set it aside for that very purpose.

                  This evening I are mostly being very frustrated with my TV / soundbar set up whereby I am currently regretting buying any of it. HWMBO is trying to do remote support as he feels responsible for advising me to replace the old stuff that had worked just fine for a good decade or more.


                    Soup will be ready soon…


                      Lamb chop for tea, with spaghetti squash and courgettes. Very nice indeed.