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    Oh and thanks to Lady Muck I've submitted my company accounts to my accountant and nearly collated all my self-assessment information to give to my accountant. I'm missing one bit of information which should hopefully arrive tomorrow.
    "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


      I got up to the Post Office, using one of the self-service tills to send my parcels, then over the road to Waitrose to pick up some odds and sods and back home in 40 minutes.

      Pretty good going I thought.


        Good news as my washing machine is plumbed in further along I can still use it. So have.

        Just can't use the dishwasher which is plumbed into the sink waste.
        "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


          Quite Simpsonesque out now, though only 12°C apparently

          The chestnut tree is still largely green; it started turning some weeks ago, then seems to have decided to hold off on it for a bit. But during the course of this week it's got back on track, as evidenced by the leaves shrivelling enough allowing me to see a little more of the far side of the road through the gaps. I reckon it'll be getting to a golden colour in the next week or so.


            I forgot to mention it was lovely, warm and sunny when I popped out earlier. Very nice day.


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              You don't even need a P45 - you can still claim UC while operating a one-being limited company. They treat the company's incomings and outgoings as yours for the purpose of calculation, so if the company isn't making any money it's the same as if you aren't. He just needs to turn the payroll off
              Following one of my rather more gnomic emails, Nixons generated a P45 after the end of one contract.

              It took me another year to wonder WTF HMRC were sending me stuff about unemployment or some such.

              All this despite me being in contract and paying PAYE etc.

              Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
              I forgot to mention it was lovely, warm and sunny when I popped out earlier. Very nice day.

              Tea: chilli con carne with rice, possibly some more stewed pears (), possibly with or possibly sans custard, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              Entertainment: the remainder of "Predators (2010)" that I didn't watch last night.

              Possibly followed by the 2nd VHS cassette of H2G2.
              When the fun stops, STOP.


                The Toy is back from having new callipers fitted on the rear.
                My loan car while it was in was a Fiat 500 (thankfully the manual, not the duologic variant I drove recently). It was fun to be in a small car, but it had more body roll that The Toy. As for the cornering and acceleration... let's just say I'm glad to have The Toy back.
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                  While driving the Seicento I never worried much about acceleration since it always gave the impression of going much faster than it really was, the bonnet being essentially invisible.

                  The narrow tyres were good on snow too.

                  I loved that little car.

                  Having sold it to the chap up the road, his boys told me the other day that it had finally bitten the dust when the tin worm got it.

                  It's an 18 year old FIAT after all. .

                  My beloved FIAT Croma Super IE died at age 18 too.

                  Another car I loved to death, most comfortable motorway cruiser.

                  According to some site or other there's about five left on the road.

                  My mistake, there's 3!

                  Search results for 'fiat croma' - How Many Left?

                  There's a 1000 Seicento SX left.

                  There's 0 Tempra 2.0 SX left. That was a nice car, but not as nice as the Croma.
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                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    Walk walked, green ring closed

                    Quite pleasant out there though in a slightly chilly sort of way, but I had my nice warm coat on and walked briskly enough to generate plenty of heat to be going along with


                      Oh, and a couple of hours ago the meat was chopped up, the vegetables extracted and blended, the pulse mix drained.

                      Then the lamb's shoulder bones, now separated by the deliquescence of their connective tissue, were removed, stripped of any bits of meat still on them, and everything else was chucked back into the slow cooker where it is slowly forming itself into Scotch broth

                      Tomorrow, the quest to fit stuff in the freezer will begin anew