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    Originally posted by WTFH View Post
    School's out for summer...
    I don't have any grandkids yet (thank heavens!), so I still have to act like the child!
    I was an IPSE Consultative Council Member, until the BoD abolished it. I am not an IPSE Member, since they have no longer have any relevance to me, as an IT Contractor. Read my lips...I recommend QDOS for ALL your Insurance requirements (Contact me for a referral code).


      That's the weeding done.

      Next comes the treading, the raking, a bit more treading, some more raking, some seeding, more raking, then it's all down to the rain.

      Oh, and I strimmed the idle git's two small lawns since I was fed up of looking at them the way they were.
      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Trip to Wyboston and back successfully completed.

        Realised that the two trips, Sunday and today, total about a third of my entire mileage in the last MOT year.

        It's a lovely day out. Warm, sunny, light breeze.

        It being a bit chilly in my flat I was in jeans and a jumper and put a jacket on when I left earlier. Swiftly realised that was a daft thing to have done.


          Turning a bit more Simpsonesque out there now


            Tea: the last of Sunday's roast beef wtih carrots & onions, stewed gooseberries and custard, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Entertainment: HSB S5 E10 "The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall " wherein a loan shark is busted for unpaid parking tickets & ends up dead in a cell.

            Since he's a large gentleman (and it ain't muscle), getting him back up to booking proves problematic.

            Leanding to that timeless comment from Henry

            Originally posted by Henry Goldblume
            Texas Chainsaw Corroner
            Which always makes me larf.

            Meanwhile Belker gets taken down by four bums and ends up chained to a pipe in a basement stark naked.

            Unamsusing when it's 20 deg F out.
            Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 22 July 2020, 20:39.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              The soup has moved along to phase II: what's left of the skeleton removed, veg blended, and pearl barley added along with the chopped-up meat

              Give it an hour or so and I'll check whether it's as excessively peppery as it ought to be


                Entertainment (continued): HSB S5 E11 "Last Chance Salon" wherein Belker becomes a hairdresser at a ladies salon

                Roswell: New Mexico S2 E10 "American Woman" wherein it appears that alien/human crosses are fertile.

                V-Day: Volcanic Planet on Smithsonian: what would happen if all the volcanoes went off on the same day, basically: nothing good.

                Ah, we've got to Gotterdammerung: The flood basalt.

                HSB S5 E12 "Intestinal Fortitude " wherein Belker, Washington & LeRue go undercover as refuse disposal operatives, while a couple of latino scumbags rape an elderly lady.

                The scumbag who allegedly didn't speaka da Eenglish turns out to speak English well enough & when this is discovered, attempts to run but gets shot by Patsy.

                Originally posted by Patsy Mayo
                I was aiming for his leg
                Originally posted by Sgt Bates
                Yes, but sometimes you just get lucky
                She shot him in the nuts.
                Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 22 July 2020, 22:56.
                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  The soup is extremely close to being ready, but not quite

                  Lunch, by the by, was just a few cocktail sausages, which probably explains why I feel so hungry

                  Still, all helps get the weight off I suppose


                    Dr Pimple Popper S2 has started on Really.

                    First patient is a POC from TN who has keloids on the tips of her ears, which would reduce the makeup cost if she wanted to be a Vulcan.

                    2nd is a chap with a large lump on his head which imaging indicates is a lipoma.

                    It's a fibrous lipoma, stuck to the scalp, and being scalp it's bloody.

                    3rd is a chap with multiple cysts, the contents of which are the usual foul gunk.

                    In other news, there was a really bright pass of the ISS at 22:31 at 88 deg elevation.

                    I nearly fell over backwards.

                    There's another at 00:04.
                    Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 22 July 2020, 21:54.
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      The soup finally came to fruition and exceedingly nice it was, accompanied by a couple of rounds of wholemeal

                      And there are seven decent bowls' worth neatly divvied up and ready to sojourn in the fridge overnight before being frozen. I suspect one might not make it to the freezer as it will become tomorrow's lunch