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So, how are you spending your bench time?

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    Originally posted by Manz View Post
    Sounds good, don't know why I was depressed earlier, I sent my CV for this perm role and got a call back 10 mins later and now they are putting me forward for it.
    Good god man! No wonder you're depressed. I've been off since Christmas and I'm only now bored. Hopefully have a gig soon to sort me out though.


      Originally posted by SpontaneousOrder View Post
      Not looking for contracts then? Or you just got nervous?
      I just got nervous, I'll keep looking for contracts, but due to my limited experience I might have to go perm for a while.


        I spent mine in Asia for 10 weeks. 10 days back in the country had an offer from one of the big 4.


          Originally posted by petergriffin View Post
          Sell your house, buy a camper, paint it pink and spend the rest of your life sh.gging hippy chicks.

          Alternatively get a Microsoft certification, whatever that means.
          Funnily enough I only sold one of those hippy campers last year. Didn't do much hippy chick shagging, though.

          I'd kind of forgotten about this thread - I got an offer after a day and a half and ended up cramming loads of things to do into three days.

          I've had a week in between projects since and I was good and did a cert.

          I still found the whole thing strange even with work to go back to and It's going to take me a while to get a big enough war chest (that isn't really our house deposit as I've mentioned before) so I can really start enjoying my time out. Credit card paid off with my next dividend though and then I'm debt free.
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