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Dear Marge...

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    Dear Marge...

    A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law's boyfriend persuaded her to give him the money to pay off his mortgage (£20k). This was done without any formal paperwork, she just gave him the £20k. Last weekend he dumped her big time and told her to get out. He is now saying he can't afford to give her the £20k back plus she owns half of many items in the house, etc.

    One for all you legal eagles out there. What are her realistic options other than getting a Russian gangster to rub him out?

    Tell her to learn .NET then in two months she'll have earned the money back.

    Sorry that wasn't very helpful was it? :rolleyes

    She could perhaps tell the police she was duped into giving him the money. Say he threatened her. Might scare him into giving it back.


      Effectively she will have a cheque from her account to his account. If he is refusing the money then

      a) Solicitor
      b) Go round threaten him yourself
      c) Solicitor
      d) Tell him to move out unless
      i) Its his house

      Alternatively good luck to the bloke he's obviously screwed over a rather dizzy blonde.


        Yes, she is extremely dizzy (learning difficulties, I think is the currently acceptable euphemism) and unfortunately it is his house.

        It gets better. Apparently he's now told her that she doesn't have to move out if she doesn't want to. She can stay as long as she has sex with him and pays half the bills - but strictly on a "no commitments" basis as he "doesn't love her anymore". He then told her that he might change his mind "after a year or two".

        Obviously he just wants to keep hold of the £20k plus all the stuff she bought for the house - carpets, furniture, etc.

        Of course, as there is no paperwork and she just gave him the £20k, there is an unpaid income tax liability on his behalf I would have thought. Mind you, don't want the taxman to get his hands on it but that might worry him a bit.


          Assuming it was a cheque and she wasnt dizzy enough to give him cash, then it is a loan. It doesnt matter that there is no paperwork as no judge is going to believe some dizzy bird just gave her boyfriend £20k.

          He is obviously a bastard (probably chav or estate agent) and she is obviously related to DCJ - a complete loser.



            He will sure have some explaining to do in court how he got 20k -- not a small lump sum. He can't prove he won it in lottery, so there is plenty of tax due, I think your sister should act quick to get 20k and not be shy to threaten and take court action.

            I can't see how she could give that much in cash so that must be some trace: cheque or bank transfer -- either way she should have record of 20k moved from her bank account and his bank account should show arrival of 20k.


              Re: 20k

              Yes, there is a paper trail - it was an online transfer from her bank account to his. Thing is, she almost certainly isn't going to be capable of doing much - although she is 30 she probably has the mental age of someone in their early teens, but not to the extent that it is medically recognised.

              Her parents won't be much use and I suspect it is going to fall on me to try and sort something out. All my sister-in-law does is cry.

              I think he might in fact be DCJ, as he is socially inept, greasy and pasty, and had never had a girlfriend before (at the age of 32).


                Re: 20k

                I do hope Gordon Brown isn't reading this. At least two have mentioned tax. There is no tax that I can think of that applies here but if the one-eyed Jock does pass by it could give him yet another idea.

                P.S. There is already a tax on stupidity - well two actually - completing tax forms and buying lottery tickets.


                  Re: 20k

                  "I think he might in fact be DCJ, as he is socially inept, greasy and pasty,"

                  Just threaten the @#%$ of the guy ffs.


                    rnatively good luck to the bloke he's obviously screwed over a rather dizzy blonde.

                    She can't be that stupid, after all she did manage to have £20K lying around.