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    Originally posted by zeitghost
    10/10ths blue cloud
    8 oktas blue cloud.

    My favourite is "9 oktas" meaning "I can't see the clouds for the fog".

    You learn something every day on CUK.
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      Its a lovely sunny day in London.

      But still a tad cold.

      Should be perfect for horse riding at 2pm.


        raining stair rods

        round our way we have a lazy wind.
        It cant be bothered to go round you, so it goes straight through you
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          but not too cold so far.

          I have brought my big coat and gloves though, just in case.


            Not up here - its squirrel home + bear today (as Pogle jr puts it)
            I'm sorry, but I'll make no apologies for this

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              Originally posted by Pondlife View Post
              but not too cold so far.

              I have brought my big coat and gloves though, just in case.
              WIS but with added rain.


                Bit warmer today, although last night's rain and all the leaves on the pavement made it a slippy journey into the office.


                  Pea soup foggy lastnight - couldn't see the terminal building from the plane

                  Grey and Wet today.


                    It was a lovely sunny morning with a nip in the air in Nottingham.

                    Now it looks like it's going to chuck it down...
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                      Originally posted by zeitghost

                      Abolutely glorious day.

                      Someone's broken the weather again.