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Infected Laptops Given To Kids

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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
    You can share? You can get a code and a URL to send to whoever wants to know? Sadly my client wanted a scan of the hardcopy so they had to wait for that to arrive instead.
    Sorry not being clear, the check is not usable for many purposes. So if you have one for working with children the same check cannot be used for example doing vaccinations or running youth groups. Were I designing it you would have roles and the DBS would be valid for multiple roles, if you have one it can be shared with multiple organisations as you described.
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      Firm founded by Tory donor providing substandard laptops for vulnerable children - Good Law Project

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        Knew that shower of tulip were involved
        As for the laptops. Not exactly reasonably half decent ones are they?
        Ok, they might be alright for teaching kids how to colour in and do adding and subtracting but after that.......
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