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SC Clearance Question

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    SC Clearance Question

    Can someone please offer some advice maybe know or have heard somebody in a similar position (not just say be honest please I understand that)

    I am applying for SC clearance i have 2 convictions which lead to me do some porridge time. This was all when i was under 18 that was more than 8 years ago and now all convictions have become spent.

    I've never been in trouble since in any way shape or form i have completely changed my life around but now in the position where i need to undergo SC clearance to get the role I've worked for since my teens within IT.

    Will i be granted this ?

    First step would have been to read the sticky at the top of this forum titled - Security Clearance (SC) Q&A Read first before asking questions


    There are also a raft of threads asking exactly the same question, albeit with different situations. The can be found by using the google search method. Type 'clearance site:contractoruk.com/forums' in google and you'll find everything disussing clearance. Mess with the keywords to narrow it down.

    The answer is exactly the same to all of them, we don't know, so all you can do is apply and be honest. No point lying or trying to hide things from them. For a start lying or hiding stuff shows a level dishonesty that cannot be allowed to hold clearance to sensitive data and also they'll probably already know. They aren't daft.

    If your convictions were to do with dishonesty it's not going to help but we just don't know. It's a secret process so we don't know what they will check and what they consider a problem or not. If it was public knowledge it would be too easy/tempting to try get round to it.

    Tell them everything they need to know and just wait and see I am afraid.
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      The only person who knows is the case officer dealing with your application.

      Clearance isn't about what you have or haven't done in the past, it's about whether you can be trusted in the role and whether you are potentially vulnerable to blackmail or other exploitation.

      The nature of the offences may or may not be relevant depending on the role you are applying for. The Vetting Service will already know what they were and be taking that into account.

      There is nothing you can do to influence the outcome except answer the questions honestly and completely.
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        SC work definitely isn't about covering stuff up and hoping no one notices (I'm sure someone could argue that!) - just tell them. The hiring company might not even see your declarations, just the bod doing the clearances who you'll never work with again.