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Users removing 'consultant' title on LinkedIn profile

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    Users removing 'consultant' title on LinkedIn profile

    I've always added 'Consultant' on my LinkedIn profile to show my capacity with the end client.

    Lately, I've seen a few of my LI connections remove that 'consultant' or 'contractor' tag - I'm wondering if its to do with potential move to permie post-April.

    Anyone else change their contractor/consultant tag on LinkedIn or seen it happen?

    Don't think it would make any difference but would like to hear what you all think, keep, remove or leave as-is?

    IMO job titles come and go with the wind. Unless you have a very clearly defined role somewhere that means something (usually comes with post nominals) then I see no reason not to bring your job title up to date with current fashion.

    Just don't lie

    I suspect, for most BoS contractors, their lie is in calling themselves a consultant...


      I've always found the term 'consultant' a load of rubbish and believe clients will probably think the same. You could be right, that's what your company does at a high level but the actual task you were brought in is pretty specific so that should go on linked in IMO. Most people using it are just inflating themselves. There aren't many 'true' consultants out there.
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        I have (Contractor)

        Doubtless someone on here will say that by listing them as your employer, you're insidee IR35. And instead you should use the door-opening clout of your one person LTD company to secure future roles.