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    Originally posted by Plonitus View Post
    Is Brexit AND/OR ir35 killing the contractor market?

    Or, have the ratio of the number of IT contractors to each advertised vacancy increased?
    I would throw in that permietractors also had an impact.

    realising, after doing 7 years at the same place, they could not offshore their rate plus they got hit with dividend tax increases once they did play ball.

    They held out of a while but once they tried to re-negotiate a higher rate, found out that they needed to charge £600pd for the same take-home.

    There are plenty of these people still on the bench chasing a smaller pool of roles in that rate range outside of IR35.

    We need this remaining pool of contractors to capitulate into permie roles.


      It is beginning to look like we are in recession caused by the uncertainty round Brexit so that is the main problem IMHO. As for IR35 I think it varies from sector to sector. It sounds like it is a factor in the city (which tends to influence the rest of the country) but it hasn't been considered by a fairly large percentage of clients.

      From my (testing) perspective there does actually seem to be a fair amount of work around but I imagine a lot of people are chasing it.


        LONDON Market status as 09.September.2019 14:00

        I Confirm that LONDON Contract market for DevOPS is now dead too.
        It seems like IT is already in recession.



          the contract market seems to drying up but the perm market seems to be in good health.


            Not so sure its Brexit we have been in recession for quite some time what goes up must always go down eventually. Inv bank client I am working at has made 100s of traders & front office support staff redundant recently this reduces the requirement for IT contractors obviously.


              Gone quiet again this week, and all my leads from last week have dried up
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                Originally posted by PerfectStorm View Post
                Gone quiet again this week, and all my leads from last week have dried up
                Same here. Had a flurry of activity middle of last week but it's died a death again. I'm losing all motivation. Been sat in my gym clothes for three hours now [emoji23]

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                  I'm in financial services sector, non-IT. Contract market is dead - 95% of the jobs in my field are now FTC's.


                    Latest call I have had is about working in Amsterdam. I am very interested in the role but worried about my EU status if Brexit goes tits up.


                      Finding it like before the holidays where contracts are around but proceed at a glacial speed with more if a tendency to disappear off the radar than normal.

                      Still. have a few things on the go.