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Newbie about the Jump Permidom... do i go InTouch or NixonWilliams?

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    Newbie about the Jump Permidom... do i go InTouch or NixonWilliams?

    Greetings All,

    Just for clarity, Im not jumping, i'm being pushed out as lots of our jobs are being off shored.

    I have 3 weeks, to form a company and secure my first IT contract (Been in IT for about 10 years... all permy)

    After reading the various first timer guides, I plan to choose and accountant and then ask them to formulate my company.

    I have narrowed my choices to InTouch and NixonWilliams.

    I understand they are both well regarded here, but can anyone confirm if one of them is generally more "beginner" friendly?

    I know NW will formulate your company for free, does Intouch provide that too?

    If there any major difference between the two?

    many thanks in advance

    If you are being pushed out of permie why are you going contracting? You have to want to go contracting and be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. It isn't a natural progression IMO... but sounds like you are doing your research, just sounds like an odd intro to me....

    You only need their beginner friendly services once, you need their quality and accuracy of information for the rest of your career so I think you would be making a mistake to put this as a key criteria in making your decision.

    Bearing in mind both post on here very regularly with very good information and both are well established and know contractor finances inside out I think you have a very tough decision IMO. I would have recommended both but how on earth you decide which one from your perspective I have no idea. Deciding between two of the best options won't be easy

    Ring them up and see who you get on with best? Ask them a few questions and see who gives you the best fuzzy feeling as I am sure both their operations are up to scratch.
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      Thank you NLUK - I get your points clearly.


        I'd recommend InTouch since I have used them and been happy, but both seem good. IT is smaller so you will likely build a relationship with one key person which is great normally but bad if they are ill. NW are much bigger so it depends if you like a big consistent company or a small personal-touch one.

        If you go IT I'd be happy to take the referral fee (PM me) but I'd recommend them even if you don't
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          Re: Newbie about the Jump Permidom... do i go InTouch or NixonWilliams?

          I'm with NW and they've been excellent - so much so that I've referred two other people since I joined them. Would gladly also take a referral fee but would recommend them regardless in any case.

          As NLUK said, give both a call and go with your gut feeling - I'm sure either would provide the service you're after.

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            I use NixonWilliams and find them excellent, to repeat the advice, give them both a ring and see how you get on.
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              Another +1 for InTouch - I am quite new to contracting and they have been thoroughly excellent in times when I have needed hand-holding as well as always being quick to answer any and all daft questions I have had. Very friendly, knowledgable and all-round good service. They also took care of my Ltd setup, making it a very straight-forward process.
              That said, NW have a good reputation also.....
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                InTouch without a doubt.


                  I'm with NW
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                    Things to double-check, as well as what they charge for incorporation...

                    - Do they do personal accounts included in the price? For you or your spouse too?
                    - Do they charge to use their premises as your registered address?
                    - Do they charge to renew registration with Companies House
                    - etc

                    IT include all this though I don't know if I could have a 2nd person's personal tax return if I wanted. NW may be similar but it's good to check as many accountants view these as chargeable extras (which is fair enough but you want the full picture).
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                    I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
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