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ipad not reading timezone in ics file

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    ipad not reading timezone in ics file

    I email myself an ics file of my calendar from my client's pc and then import this file onto my ipad/iphone (either as it syncs via cloud).

    The issue is that it doesn't seem to be reading the timezones in the meetings correctly. The ics file has the correct timezone for each event in it but it is reading the start time/end time and assuming it's 'local' time not CET/Yank time.

    I have set up the ipad to use timezone support in the Cal options. I've also done the usual of deleting then recreating the calendar and rereading the file, plus turnoff/on again bollox.

    WTF am I missing here? It also doesn't seem to update changed entries.



    Additional info: If I import the ics file into Google Calendar it displays correctly and will even sync to the ithings no probs.

    I'd rather just be able to open the attached file in the email and have it work like it's supposed to though.