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Getting around a locked down PC

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    Getting around a locked down PC

    I am looking for a way to be able to view and edit a personal files in work. Problem is that client co have nailed down all ways I can think of to do this.

    Admin rights have been removed, USB slots have been switched off for data (although they still power my phone), firewall and web proxy are brutally tight, mailing is out and as one manager told me "they are big brothering your contractor arses just now" after some idiot got caught uploading private data to their own server.

    Ideally a removable drive solution is perfect as I don't want to leave the files on the PC disk but the USBs are off and I am not sure how to get round that.

    Any ideas?

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    CD boot ok?


      Originally posted by stek View Post
      CD boot ok?
      Not tried that, probably.


        Take your own PC assuming its allowed. I always take my own laptop and mobile data connection. Means they can't big brother what I do.


          Originally posted by minestrone View Post
          Not tried that, probably.
          BIOS locked down then....

          Floppy - Linux on a floppy to read the HDD?

          Other than that, work late, remove the HDD, destroy it with a magnet (if that still works) or a DOD wipe, put it back and claim 'Ooops, HDD not booting......'

          Or, spike it with an accidental coffee spill.....


            Store files you need in something like Evernote.

            When needed in work, login to Evernote on smart phone, use email functionality to send to work email address

            Edit doc, email back

            Depends how tight their email is

            I have often *thought* that you coold get past outgoing mail filters by zipping a doc, then removing the .zip ext


              What sort of files are you looking to edit and are the programs you need to edit your files on the PC already? So just need to get the files on and off? Can you open the case and whack a second drive in the spare SATA / IDE port without anyone noticing?


                Surely any attempt to circumvent this level of lock down is going to put you in hot water with their security policy. If they put that much effort in to locking it down I cannot believe for one minute they are going to be happy with a contractor getting around it for his personal use?
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                  I am one of the few contractors who gets external mail as I deal with some offshore places, I would be fairly sure constant mailing of files would bring attention to myself.

                  Files will be mainly java and I have an environment there, probably could get into the box and set up an IDE link, maybe to a laptop drive that sits outside the box that I could take away with me on the evening. would have to stay late to undertake that procedure. Ill have a dig about tomorrow


                    Here's a clue - this is clientco's security policy. Guess what they will do to a contractor who deliberately gets around their security policy?

                    FFS, use your own machine and stop being a dick.
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