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Remote control software

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    +1 for TeamViewer


      Originally posted by scooby View Post
      Whatever happened to VNC? That used to be fab and once installed, the user didnt need do anything!
      I was going to suggest that but you'd need to set up a network connection / VPN as well. I use OpenVPN for that and it works well but it's not a point and click setup.
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        Originally posted by scooby View Post
        Whatever happened to VNC? That used to be fab and once installed, the user didnt need do anything!
        I would say the likes of LogMeIn have superseded it, especially as they offer a very functional free version. Can't say I've used VNC much but whenever anyone suggests remote access/control software my first instinct these days is LogMeIn purely because it's easy to install/configure, doesn't require any fiddly network config like a VPN and does pretty much anything the average user would want.

        I think you need the PRO version to transfer files etc, but IIRC you can't do that with VNC anyway...


          I thought there was something similar built into MSN Messenger.

          Remote assistance through MSN.
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              Originally posted by Willapp View Post
              Another +1 for LogMeIn. The initial install is the only slight hurdle but it's not hugely complicated - best thing is for you to register for the account, then I think you'll need to give him the email address/password so when he installs the client application it gets linked to the right LogMeIn account.

              Once installed you just visit their website, log in, and the computer should be listed and it will tell you whether it's online or offline. If online you can connect straight from the browser (you'll need to know the username/password for a local account on his computer though).

              Also I'd recommend you use Firefox for this, as there is a decent plugin which you'll be prompted to download from the LogMeIn website which makes the remote control experience much nicer - Chrome and IE just rely on Java and IMO it's slower and the picture quality is much worse.
              There's a plugin for IE too and Safari (Safari on Mac anyway).


                I would go with LogMeIn or Teamviewer.

                Remote Assistance or VNC can work but you are most probably going to have to do some port forwarding to get it work or open some ports on the router so it can be some work.

                LogMeIn uses standard port 80 and 443 ports which are the same ports used for web surfing and HTTPS connections and these are generally opened by default.

                Hope that helps.


                  Another vote for Logmein.