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Infrastructure project management

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    Infrastructure project management

    I've always been in software development, but as a PM I've often faced-off to infrastructure PMs 'preparing' environments / infrastructure for my apps and they always seem to run very late.

    I've been offered a chance to interview for an unadvertised infrastructure pm contract, as I know some of the people involved. How hard can it be - the requirements are already known. Does an infrastructure project have any perculiarities?
    • Requirements for hardware, network, power, performance, backup considerations, server & environment configuration. Gateway sign-off etc.
    • Analyse the requirements - devise a solutions (would the PM use an specialist analyst for this or do it him/herself? Is that where my experience might faulter?)
    • Execute the solution - chasing up those responsible for each item.
    • Update the plan, reporting progress.
    • Juggle! Negotiate! Issues, risks, contingencies, dependancies! report!

    Same as any other project, right?
    "take me to your leader"

    Don't forget, like other projects, you need to close it at the end :-)

    A good question though - I'd be interested in seeing the answer!
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      Also don't forget...
      • Manage the stakeholders

      The biggie in my book (because it covers all of your previous points and more...)
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        Thanks to the above contributors.

        Nothing standing out as peculiar to 'infrastructure' projects.
        "take me to your leader"


          Interestingly enough I have just completed 3 infrastructure projects

          The most recent gloing live today

          The main reason for any delay seems to be when people cannot be bothered to do the jobs in the agreed timescales (Like obviously)

          Interestingly enough the first 2 went swimmingly well because I was actually engaged with the people who were actually performing the tasks.

          The third was touch and go and required a mad panic to get everything ready - seems to be because the managers of these people had not actually managed the project workstreams to the required level.

          So in a nutshell speak to the monkey and not the organ grinder