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Wireless mouse recommendations

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    I have the MX Master 3 for Mac, not portable if that is one of your requirements but bullet proof for everyday use
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      Originally posted by d000hg View Post
      I like the MS ones but since we're on this topic, it seems these often still require you to plug in a little dongle thingie - keyboards too. I was looking at trying to get a nice wireless setup recently and was surprised to see it's not all BlueTooth now. USB ports are precious.
      Bluetooth is slow and other bluetooth devices can interfere with the signal so it can be preferable for support, gaming and usability reasons to keep the mouse connection separate.
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        Mouse? Why not a trackball?
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          Originally posted by Zigenare View Post
          It's just not the same. I personally like my trackpad but even that took a little getting used to.
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            I use this


            Its decent from MS. Battery life is great, once you get used to the swipe gestures it makes things easier. Also no dongle needed which is a plus.

            Also the blue track really does work great on any surface (other than transparent glass).