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Which cordless tool ecosystem?

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    SteelyDan I think reciprocating saws (sawzall in USA) are more commonly used for roots but I imagine a MT could work though you probably want to give it a clean afterwards.
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      Can't say that I've ever found the MT very useful.

      The sabre saw on the other hand has been very useful though I've never tried it on roots.

      Neither were up to much when I had to remove a jammed mortice lock, the sector thing on the MT lost all its teeth on the hardened pins, as did the hacksaw part of the sabre saw.

      It eventually came down to lots of drilling with 3mm twist drills to remove the brass followed by a thin chisel to finally break the remains.

      Took all day.

      Found a thing on the interweb that suggested knocking the pins out of the hinges.

      Wish I'd thought of that.
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