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Tulip Windows 10 20H2 update - help!

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    Tulip Windows 10 20H2 update - help!

    Earlier this evening Mr C was bullied into updating his PC with the crappy latest 20H2 update. It took ages to install and has left everything (including the mouse light) flickering like buggery and running like a dog. He’s even lost the power button.

    I’ve looked up the issues, but can’t find a fix. Short of turning it off until next Tuesday (the next patch Tuesday) and hope Microsoft has sorted it, is there anything I can do to fix or restore to the previous version?
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    Looks like you can roll back from 20H2 depending on what your previous version was.

    How to uninstall and downgrade Windows 10 20H2 to previous versions


    Note: Mac user, so can't claim to have tried it.
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