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Google Home vs Amazon Echo

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    Google Home vs Amazon Echo

    Looking at smarting up the home.

    Been reading reviews of both but thought I would put it here and get your thoughts.
    Has anyone got either/both? Which one is better?

    Thoughts on each?

    Originally posted by MonkeysUncle View Post
    Looking at smarting up the home.

    Been reading reviews of both but thought I would put it here and get your thoughts.
    Has anyone got either/both? Which one is better?

    Thoughts on each?
    Have an Amazon spot, dot and the original bigger one. Have nest camera, nest thermostat, couple of wifi plus for lamps etc. Works well with them all and really quite good. The quality of the speakers varies, so if you are planning playing music on it get the bigger one with better speakers.

    The spot is ideal for the bedroom.

    The amazon voice recognition is ok, sometimes frustrating but it's usable.

    Sorry no idea about google.


      Depends - who do you want to listen in to your conversations?

      Google or Amazon.

      Maybe you should get one of each so as not to leave either company out?


        If you are after home automation, Amazon is way ahead of Google in terms of supported devices / integration.
        If you are after smart speaker, better look at Sonos One which supports both Google assistant and Alexa and produces better sound than either Amazon or Google smart speakers.
        If you are after smart video display Amazon has much better "portfolio" and again much better selection of supported devices.

        IMHO Amazon is ahead of the curve on the home assistant front. Granted I don't have hands on experience with the Google kit.

        Personally I picked Amazon as who gets to snoop on me. Got a pair of Echo show in the upstairs living room and downstairs kitchen/dinner to allow for drop-in conversation and avoid shouting. Echo spot in the Bedroom - the perfect bedside table clock. And Echo dot in the kids room for the little ones to goof around with.


          Depends what you want it for as previously said.

          If you want to listen to music around the house then Google's monthly subscription apparently works out cheaper.
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            More for the automation i.e. turning on the porch lights when I am out. Heating control etc.
            I have a chromecast upstairs and smart tv down so that covers the media aspect.

            I like googles phrase automation where you can set it to do a number of things on one command.


              Amazon echo devices seem to have more recepies (sp) whereas Google seems to work better with IFFT

              For music I prefer Google devices

              For automation - Google

              Media library - Google

              Had some Echo devices and got rid of them all
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                Don't use google if you want automation.

                You can set up a hue bridge (fake philips hue that runs as software) to allow you to convert any voice command into any other command, for example I bought a $3 wireless relay from china, popped it into my boiler, and have a computer running hue bridge, lets me turn the heating on/off via voice.

                This works on Alexa which can discover devices on your network, but not with Google. Google requires you to create a philip's hue account, log in, and register your devices. Which you can't do if they're fake.

                So it doesn't work at all with any of my home automation stuff. And my house is automated out of the wazoo (lights, heating, projector/screen, ceiling fan, electric blanket, door sensors, etc.).

                Google is better at answering questions, cos it's powered by google not bing, and it supports 2 languages if you're dating a swedish hotty, you can set it to english and swedish so it will understand and reply in whichever language you use to talk to it.


                  We have a few Google things (Chromecast audio) which work OK-ish from my Android phone... Amazon Music is crappy but then it always is. But my wife has iPhone and is irked it's pretty useless. We don't use Spotify and you can't really cast local audio, and Apple Music doesn't seem to be supported.

                  We plan to get a NAS and then that should be able to work more reliably... controlled via Plex or NAS-specific apps.
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