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Respected courses/certificates

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    Respected courses/certificates

    Hi all,

    I am a Mechanical Engineer with a little background in Physcial Security. I currently work in a management consulting firm but want to move in to pure Physical Security Engineering: Things such as:

    Threat and risk analysis
    Security risk management
    All design stages for all security functions
    Security operations and procedures
    Strategies, schemes and Master-planning
    Counter-terrorism and protective security
    Physical security
    Electronic security systems
    Explosive blast and weapons effects on structures
    Continuity and resilience for security threats
    Concept of Operations
    Security training

    I don't have a certification or course I can show to potential employers to get a job. Can Anyone here suggest some training?

    Thanks in advance

    We are mainly IT contractors on this forum so I doubt you are going to get any specialist advice.

    I'd say look around the types of roles that you wish to move in to and look at the role description and see if anything get's mentioned. A good number of ours mentions essentials are things like Prince 2 and ITIL so pretty obvious what is worth getting.
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      CISSP is a qualification that covers many areas of security, including physical security.

      It's split into domains, and you don't need all the domains to qualify. It's probably what you're after.
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        I don't have a certification or course I can show to potential employers to get a job
        Just a thought here. You are wanting to go permie and not contracting? There is quite a difference.

        Just a certificate won't cut it in contracting. You need demonstrable experience to back it up.

        That said I would have thought a permie role would have needed some as well but the certificate would show willing and permie roles are more likely to invest in the right person.
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