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Power over Ethernet (POE) CCTV Recommendations

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    Sorry to dig up an old thread however I am looking for some CCTV cameras for around my property (Hikvision with NVR), however I was speaking to a chap of a company who supplies and fits these things.

    He stated that CCTV camera aren't the best if you want motion alerting on them, as with wind/cats/foxes, etc it will be going off all the time and it is a pain to turn off. I am not sure if he was just saying this as he was trying to sell me "Beams" as well that would provide the motion sensing whilst the CCTV is on record 24/7. Any truth in this? I just want 3 decent CCTV cameras that will alert me if anyone comes close to my property.

    One quote I got last week was £699 and the chap above was talking more than double for that.

    He had a negative bluety on a quackhandle and was quadraspazzed on a lifeglug.

    I look forward to your all knowing and likely sarcastic and unhelpful reply.


      I've got the hikvisions and I love them but to be fair I've not got round to setting the alerts up. I'm out in the sticks a bit so I'm aware local wildlife and pets would set them off. Someone at work has them and was showing me how she'd set up and had various pictures of cats. Doesn't bother her and commented its a small price to pay. She's happy with hers as well.

      I'd have still got what I've got even with the false starts. That said I've no experience with other systems.

      But... All said and done once it's in it'll be there for a good long time so I wouldn't be scrimping on price if the more expensive system did exactly what I wanted.
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        Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
        ... she'd set up and had various pictures of cats...
        Tell me a woman that doesn't!
        Also, from the cats' point of view, that's got be to be against GDPrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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