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  • Pippi6
    started a topic Where to go for contractor advice?

    Where to go for contractor advice?

    Hi all, I'm new to contracting and wonder if anyone has any recommendations on who/where is best to go to for advice as I find my footing e.g. with general questions like the pros and cons of being with an agency. There are still a few unknowns for me that I'd like advice and information on from people...
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  • Client Did Not Adhere to Contracted Notice Period

    Hi everyone

    Not sure if anyone has any advice?

    Working on a long term global project - contracted (I am a Ltd Co Director) in the UK.

    Contract states that 4 weeks notice is required by either party if terminating.

    Program is being paused for...
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  • UK Contractor heading back to New Zealand and wants to continue: Advice required

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone has an experience in this area and could offer some advice ? I will try explain as best I can.

    1. I am currently contracting to a UK company and on a 2 year visa. My 2 year visa is coming to an end (I am a NZ Citizen and will have to go home at the end...
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  • OldCodger
    started a topic Contracting in Germany

    Contracting in Germany

    Can the assembled tribe recommend where I can straight advice on working in Germany. I've been contracting through a UK PSCfor about 5 years. Now I'm heading to Germany and i'm after straight advice on who to use. I've been directed to some contracting payroll companies who are recommending freiberufler...
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  • tester_uk
    started a topic Need Advice on Choosing Umbrella

    Need Advice on Choosing Umbrella

    Hi All,

    Apparently my end client has now assessed that my upcoming contract is deemed to be with in IR35 rules.

    I have been given the following list of preferred umbrella companies by the end client.

    Can some one please let me know your experience/recommendations...
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  • Non-UK EEC citizen with short term contract in UK, any specific advice/caveats?

    I am Italian, so EEC, got a 3 month contract in UK. Probably will not continue contracting after that, surely not more than one year.
    Would like to know if there are umbrella companies with expertise/skills for this situation and would be grateful to hear any advice, in particular caveats,...
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  • Breach of contract? Urgent advice needed

    Hi fellow contracters,

    Your advice is much appreciated.

    I was recruited for a Head Of Social Media role, replacing the current Head Of Social Media (who has since moved to America).

    I received a job request for the role, went to interview stage with the Head...
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  • lumalist
    started a topic DIY Pensions for a Limited Company?

    DIY Pensions for a Limited Company?


    This is my first post - so be kind please!!!

    Has anyone here used an online pension manager, like Nutmeg, for a private pension? By this I mean contributing funds straight from a ltd company tax free?

    I've met two Independent Financial Advisors who manage...
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  • Breach of Contract argument - Loss of Commission invoice from agent

    I've read a lot of posts on here, looking to answer the question myself but have been unable to find a similar situation. Please don't flame me as I have tried, honest.

    I've been in a contract with an "offshore consultancy" for over a year, have been through 2 renewals,...
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  • Rate change between applying for the job and getting the contract?

    Hey all,

    I'm not even a first-timer contractor (yet) and have found myself in a bit of a pickle. I applied for a role and got put forward at £575/day (the agent heavily suggested I go in at £550/day but I said that I wasn't that fussed if I didn't get the role and I wanted to go at...
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  • CKP Insolvency MVLs
    started a topic Introduction


    Hi everyone

    Having recently registered I wanted to introduce myself and also to make sure that my participation would be acceptable / welcome on the forum.

    I'm a solvent liquidation (members voluntary liquidation or MVL) specialist which I'm able to carry out as a licensed...
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  • First Contract role in the Uk - advice required

    Hi Forum Members,

    British citizen - I have spent the last 3.5 years in Aus and contracting there. I have moved back to the UK and just got a contract at a bank. First time for me contracting in the UK - set up a Limited Company this week and have been contacted by a company called Darwin...
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  • MrSpeedy
    started a topic Advice for new contractor

    Advice for new contractor


    I've just taken the leap into contracting after 18 years as a full time developer.

    So far i've had loads of calls by the recruitment agents but after 15 calls and promises to send through the job specs by email i have only received 1 job spec. To make matters even worse...
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  • Newcontractor2015
    started a topic New to contracting/locum

    New to contracting/locum

    Hi folks

    I was wondering if I may get a general overview of contracting, as I am seriously considering it. What are the pro's and con's etc. how do I get paid and which agencies are best?

    I am a newly qualified doctor, and I have been given advise, however I would like...
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  • 20years
    started a topic Giant want me to personally indemnify them

    Giant want me to personally indemnify them

    HI all,

    I'm after a bit of advise, I've been contracting for 20 years now, and this is my first request for advise.

    My client who has been using my co's service for the past 9 months has requested that I move my contract to a different intermediary, the new intermediary...
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  • Start permanent position while keeping employment with umbrella

    Hi all,

    After a long stint of going contract-to-contract through my trusty umbrella, I'm soon starting a permanent position.

    Now a friend of a friend has gotten in contact with need of my services for a short period. I'd like to help them out (the work is manageable and...
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  • chappers
    started a topic FTC expiring

    FTC expiring

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes.

    I am currently on a 6 month FTC [so technically sort of contracting] being paid direct from the employer like a permie. Currently my contract ends at the end of Jan and I have a weeks notice in my contract....
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  • PurpleWizzard
    started a topic Advice Needed: Contract Termination

    Advice Needed: Contract Termination

    Hi ContractorUK,

    I was hoping you could give me some advice on my current situation – Over the last year I have been working for a minor British celebrity on both his personal brand and a small side project. It started off as a freelance opportunity to gain experience and later I was...
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  • JimmyBobby
    started a topic Offshore Insurance Advice

    Offshore Insurance Advice


    I am new to this forum and the contractor lifestyle and responsibilities, but I have done a significant amount of research into getting insurance. I know I need Professional Indemnity at £1million, Public and Employers Liability at £10million (or maybe £5million for PL) and...
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  • Umbrella Companies: New to contracting


    I am new to this forum, I have been reading through the forums and decided I need to post.

    I am due to start work next week and have registered with an Umbrella Company, this is the first time I've used them and have to say after reading through some of the posts...
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  • Advice for Quickly Winning and Starting In Contracting After Permanent Hiatus

    Hi All

    I was last contracting in 2007 for a small financial services software house near Tower Hill in London, then I went to a British investment banking as a permanent employee. I got made redundant in 2010, year after the ill-fated merger(!), which the then government approved to save...
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