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test please delete

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    Just 8 minutes until my drivel meeting - time for 16 posts I guess...


      Originally posted by zeitghost
      addlw 0x01
      No increment instruction?

      Or is that not "add immediate value 1"?


        Originally posted by zeitghost
        That as well...
        Afternoon, Zeity

        Bearing down nicely on 18000 I see.
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          Originally posted by Ardesco View Post
          What the hell are porn shoes

          And it doesn't have to be halloween for you to be a witch....

          (do you know how long it took to find a reasonably looking fancy dress avvie in blonde ??? There's just no pleasing some people....)
          I'm not a witch.... much... honest... why blonde??

          Originally posted by TheFaQQer View Post
          No. Next.

          Nothing beats white stockings, but you knew that already

          Originally posted by TheFaQQer View Post
          Why is blonde important?
          I wondered that too....

          Originally posted by FiveTimes View Post
          No way, I like the nun

          I guess she is staying

          Originally posted by NickFitz View Post

          Piss off you
          Bazza gets caught
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            Originally posted by BrilloPad View Post
            hi DS23

            How are you?
            i'm feeling hungry. how are you scourer?


              Originally posted by TheFaQQer View Post
              Why is blonde important?
              Well the existing avvie is blonde and so is CM (isn't she?) So you have to have a hint of realism in your avater.

              (Hence why my avvie is a firey creature because, um because, um i'm a bit firey sometimes... maybe..)


                If we're going for fancy dress outfits then:

                The one on the right does it for me

                Completely SFW
                Si posse, recte, si non, quocumque modo rem


                  Originally posted by TheFaQQer View Post
                  Which was?
                  take effort used to drivel into doing more important stuff.


                    I am waiting for this meeting to start - it plays annoying music until the moderator arrives


                      thank goodness for headset and mute key...