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Loan Charge Action Group

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    Loan Charge Action Group

    Good morning everyone,

    I post on behalf of LCAG – The Loan Charge Action Group. We are a victim support group comprised of current and former contractors affected by the 2019 Loan Charge. We also give a voice to the thousands of contractors not yet members, some of who are unaware of the legislation.

    Our chief objective is for the 2019 Loan Charge Legislation to be amended to take effect from the date of Royal Assent (November 2017).

    There are still contractors using schemes today, many of whom are unaware of the change in law.

    We will be campaigning throughout the remainder of the year to raise awareness, reach those affected and lobby for it to be amended. To be successful we will need your support. Ahead of each campaign we will post here requesting support. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain and all it will cost is some of your time.

    Keep an eye out for the campaigns, LCAG will be posting here and other forums just ahead of launch.

    Thank you,
    Loan Charge Action Group (LCAG)

    Mods I hope this is ok to post here.

    very important post

    There are also a number of very useful resources on the site as well


      Link to Loan Charge Action Group website:



        Can you please all go here and vote "no":

        Many thanks!


          Originally posted by DeadDOTAS View Post
          Can you please all go here and vote "no":

          Many thanks!
          Entropy is NOT what it used to be.
          Inertia, however........................


            Call to action for those on Twitter

            LCAG need your help!

            Our first Twitter call to action, (we ranked in the top 30 nationally and had 14,000 tweets with #2019LoanCharge generated by just 161 tweeters) was such a success that we are looking to build on this with a second Tweet-Out.

            This is where YOU come in. We want to make a bigger impact and trend higher than 30 and keep it high.
            We need everyone who is on Twitter to start a Twitter trend. If you're not on Twitter, what are you waiting for, we are gaining real traction on there, e.g. yesterday one of our LCAG members was retweeted by Neville Southall - one RT that reached 140,000 followers (nearly as many as affected by this law). Well done that man!

            What happens next?
            On Thursday 7th June at 7am a second article containing anonymised statements, from clients of DSW's Phil Manley, will be released from the LCAG Twitter Feed detailing how the 2019 Loan Charge will affect them.

            The article will be introduced with the wording below:
            The #2019LoanCharge must be amended and apply ONLY from the date of assent of 2017 Finance Act.
            20 year #retro taxation is immoral and destroys lives.
            Please read and share these shocking impact statements.

            So, what do we need to do?
            1. Set up a Twitter account if you do not already have one (it can be anonymous)
            2. Like, retweet and reply to the tweet.
            3. All replies must contain #HMRCHumanCost and the link to the article.
            4. In order that we all remain on message, replies and tweets must contain the following 3 themes. These can be in your own words but they do have to convey these 3 points:
            - The 2019 Loan Charge is retro and HMRC are complicit.
            - The Law must be amended so that the 2019 Loan Charge is not retro and should take effect from the date of assent of the Finance Act 2017.
            - Highlights of the devastation the 2019 Loan Charge will cause if the law is not changed.

            It is important that Tweeters write responses and not just retweet messages. If all messages are just retweeted Twitter will block accounts because they will think it is spam.

            LCAG account will respond in a timely manner to all replies using the #HMRCHumanCost hashtag so that conversations happen and then it will not be seen as Spam by twitter.

            Replies can include as many relevant people using @ as possible to get the message out into bigger circles. Please include MPs, the Press, High Profile figures and relevant popular groups and parties. Anyone you can think of who is influential and will help us raise awareness.

            The LCAG Team


              Thanks for co-ordinating this. It’s really heartbreaking to see some of the stories. If you’re affected, please add your voice.


                Ive read the client stories on the site. And sadly I fear, this is just a tiny percentage of the misery this law has caused. I dont want to tar all of HMRC with the same brush but Im sure some get a thrill out of the fact they are causing psychological pain and misery to thousands of individuals and families.
                I really hope that smug Mel Stride takes a good hard look at the site and the stories contained therein, especially as these harrowing stories continue to both grow in number and most regretfully end in far more tragic circumstances. I suspect however he probably cares as much about the well being of ordinary individuals of that littl ***t of an individual dealing with that poor woman


                  LCAG has compiled a dossier of >100 anonymous accounts and has delivered this to HMRC - asking them to read each and every one of them. Thank you to everyone who asked for theirs to be included.

                  Many talk about bankruptcy, and some about suicide.

                  LCAG has now also a HMRC whistleblowing portal where both individuals affected by the 2019 Loan Charge and/or disgruntled HMRC staff can submit blow the whistle in confidence. Submissions are possible anonymously and treated with respect and confidentially. If/where appropriate, LCAG will pass this information on to the relevant bodies incl. govt ministers and/or the Treasury Select Committee etc.

                  You can leave confidential information here:

                  Many thanks!


                    Suicide watch - the preventable tax timebomb. Evening Standard article.