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How many Indians?

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    How many Indians?

    Just wondering what proportion of the people you work with on a daily basis are Indian.

    80% here.

    And while I don't want to make disparaging comments and generalise about Indian folks, I really am reaching the conclusion that I just don't have the patience to deal with them any more.

    The people I work with remind me of the Viz character Roger Irrelevant. Every time there is a technical issue, one of them will chip in with a load of guff. By the time you've worked out what They are saying you realise it's all a load of old cobblers.

    Net result is that now, in any meeting, when one of them starts talking I'm thinking "shut tfu!".

    This, I realise, isn't particularly charitable but there you go.

    Anyone else have to waste bits of their lives dealing with this?

    In the current project, 100%; the other bloke in the room is from Pune. Clever guy, delightful character and I'm glad to work with him.
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      Current project - 0%
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        I work with too many chiefs.



          One South African, one Bulgarian and an English guy.
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            Originally posted by MyUserName View Post

            One South African, one Bulgarian and an English guy.
            Do they ever walk into a pub?


              on two projects none.
              On another 33%.

              On the first two I keep wishing they were Indians because the 33% does what he is told on time & with a smile. A favour I return when he needs me to. He doesn't 'socialise' or 'push the envelope'.
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                Currently: 0%.
                In my whole permie life: 0% except when a company trialled using Tata before canning the idea after a few months
                Since going contractor: 0% except for one Indian I hired as a subcontractor
                Originally posted by MaryPoppins
                I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
                Originally posted by vetran
                Urine is quite nourishing


                  ~50%, the kitchen and bathrooms are a state most of the time.

                  The poor cleaner (african) goes mad.


                    Originally posted by Dallas View Post
                    ~50%, the kitchen and bathrooms are a state most of the time.

                    The poor cleaner (african) goes mad.
                    Aren't there signs on the bogs which basically stated clean up after your bloody selves you dirty ****ers?

                    Every place I've been where there is a massive group of Indians shipped directly over from India in the building there are, though generally it's the men who seem to have the most problems with the toilets.
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