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IT is crap

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    Originally posted by mcquiggd
    "Light Relief".
    I'd rather get "Hand Relief"
    "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.


      Originally posted by DaveB
      I'd rather get "Hand Relief"
      Wage Slave usualy offers a "helping hand forra fiver" you could ask him.
      I am not qualified to give the above advice!

      The original point and click interface by
      Smith and Wesson.

      Step back, have a think and adjust my own own attitude from time to time


        chill denny


          Originally posted by DimPrawn
          I would appreciate it if someone can suggest the best place for me to stick the new SATA hard disk I received this morning.
          In the post to me would be good.


            Originally posted by Denny
            For risk of sounding a bore, why is it that whenever anyone raises an important issues about contracting hardly anyone gives a helpful answer? All we get is endless trivia, unfunny banter and cute comments. It's getting very tiresome.

            This is supposed to be a serious site on agency and contracting issues. If you want to just joke around and make silly jokes why not go to the appropriate site and do it and let the rest of us read serious and helpful responses to the issues raised.
            Denny this is not only a serious site at times,but also rather frivolous.

            Which is the way I and others happen to like it.

            And if you are nice to us, why you might just find we will be nice to you and tell you whatever you are seeking.

            Hope that helps !